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Long Legs & Quad Growth



I'm only 5'11" but have relatively long legs. This makes the back squat fairly awkward for me, but with 5/3/1 programming, I'm finally getting close to breaking 4 plates. Unfortunately, this has given me a nasty case of squat butt.

I've tried to bring up my quads with volume front squats, and even some leg pressing (I prefer squat pattern), but haven't found the cure yet. Was hoping you could prescribe a movement that has worked(in regards to quad growth)for your long limbed clients in the past.



@Jack: Here are a few things that can help until CT chimes in. Bulgarian split squats & Olympic weight lifting shoes. Olympic lifts & variations would be awesome to or backward prowler drags (I use a TRX strap to pull it backwards, anything will work really though). I hope that helps.


@Sput The shoes sound like a good idea. I had been squatting with 5lbs. plates under my heel, but it hurt my performance a bit due to the slight instability. Do you own a pair? I was looking at the adidas adipower shoes, just have to convince myself to throw down $200.


That's the pair I have & two other guys at my gym have them too. They're not the only option but I certainly like them. I would recommend a pair & if you don't want to spend $200 I think Rogue makes some for $130 & Pendley make some too. CT recommended a brand (I don't remember now), but they wouldn't ship to my location so I went with the Adidas.


Olympic shoes make such a difference.I have adidas power lifts and just bought a new pair of reebok cross-fit and I'm really liking them for an all around training shoe as well.


Damn I might have to break up with my Chuck T's...at least for squatting. I think I am more emotionally attached to those things than I was my ex girlfriend lol.


@Jack: If you're doing Olympic lifts you really should invest in a pair to get the most out of them....there's a reason Olympic lifters wear them. Or if you want more quad stimulation ...you will be perfectly stable.