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Long Legs, Need Help Putting Muscles On


Hi, I have longer then average legs and my thighs are pretty long.
I am stronger from my upper body but my legs (tooth picks) suck!
The squat is the hardest for me I can seem to find a good set up.
I am working on box squat.
I can deadlift a lot more weight then I can squat!
But would like to know if there is a better form to use for a novice with too much legs or any other things I can do to help those legs grow.


I was in the same position a couple of years ago long skinny thighs, lol. I personally found adding width to my stance helped me create more mass through muscle recruitment. It wasn’t what I used for a 1RM or even heavy singles, but I used it for all my rep work. It really developed the inside of my quads and outside of my glutes. This along with AMRAP sets in 5/3/1 and BBB front squats put the size on relatively quickly.


Most of the time tall skinny folks benefit from a 5x5 semi-heavy program. Steady progression, and ample amounts of healthy foods. I stress the ample part. You gotta eat to put size on. Apart from that it’s just patience and commitment.


In addition to what I previously said it’s good to progress to maybe a solid 5/3/1 also


Consistent work, try to add sub maximal volume. Also cycling is a nice form of cardio that will help add size to your quads.