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Long lay-off

Hi guys,
Need some advice on training after a long lay-off.I am an older lifter(52yrs & 72 kgs) and i am about to go on a long holiday to Aus and have not had a lay off for 10 years.I will be away from Dec 9 to Jan 15 and expect to lose quite a lot of strength.
What type of training do you suggest i start back on? I am really apprehensive about this. My current training for the last 4 weeks has been :
Mon. squats/L.press/delts/biceps. Wed. B.press/c.g B.press/weighted chins(variable grip)/b.over rows/calf raise. Fri. G.mornings/D.lift/L.curls/ham.glute raises/abs.

Before this i was on Westside for several years. My goals are to get my strength back and some. I have just purchased in advance. Ix P.drive. 1xSurge. 2x low carb grow. 1xGrow. 2x4ad-ec. Am i missing anything? Your thoughts will be most welcome.
David Freeman

Well, a month is a long time, but I wouldn’t expect any major losses to occur after about 5 weeks. During the layoff, you could tackle some body weight exercises (see Ian King’s last article or any of Coach Davies’ article) these won’t keep you in tip top shape, but they will slow down any strength loss.

Once you get back, I can't see why you cannot just jump back into the game. I might suggest that your first week back, you do 60% of your target volume, week 2 - 80% and then week 3 and on - 100%.

Also, think positively. Look to this time as an opportunity for some major relaxation and recovery and keep thinking that it will actually help you. If you think that you are going to waste away, you will waste away at an even faster rate.

I’ve noticed that just having a few “active” days where you work out during the off time is enough to stave off most of the losses. Obviously, you don’t want to be working out all the time on your holiday, but if you could make it into the gym maybe three or four times it would be good. Just general, over-all workouts.

Thanks Jason & char-dawg. I think I might just nip into a gymn while i’m out there. any aussie T-magers know of a good gymn in Melbourne? Possibly in the lillydale area or North Croyden?
Thanks again
Dave F