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Long Jack Side Effects?



ive been using something called long jack aka tongkat ali for a couple of months. i had my test levels measured before to 22 units and now 33 units. its an increase by a whooping 50%. so far very good.

however, my libido is 0 (it was about 0 before the long jack also, but i hoped it would increase) and i thought i saw the onset of man boobs being developed in the mirror. wtf. anyone knows about these side effects or should i not be concerned, it could be just at my age (49y) and a semi-bad diet, i eat the healthy stuff but also the not healthy stuff, i eat quite a lot actually and not gaining weight although i m fat, i have a bw of 95 kg at 181 cm and estimated fat in 18-24 % range which i have maintained for 10 years. different methods give different results on fat %.

m not sure i want to continue with the longjack, its expensive and man boobs isnt on my top list of desirable stuff.

question is: does long jack have bad effects such as 0 libido or man boobs?



I am not sure about the supplement in itself, but I know that with an increase in testosterone your body may aromatize it into Estrogen (many times seen in Testosterone Replacement Therapy). I’ve just never heard of a supplement actually being very efficient at increasing testosterone unless there was a deficiency in something necessary, like Zinc.

When a man’s Estrogen increases in TRT they take what’s known as an Aromatase Inhibitor (“AI”) to help curb the increase in Estrogen and keep it within optimal serum range. But this, too, is a pharmaceutical that is given by medical professionals. Although it is said that Grapeseed Extract may be beneficial in this capacity, I’ve also heard that there isn’t profound, solid evidence thereof.

Honestly, I’d see a doctor and get a whole slew of bloodwork done that is generally done for TRT: Free T, Total T, Estradiol, FSH, LH, SHBG, Hematocrit, etc. Get a baseline and show them the supplement.