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Long Island Seminar on Performance and Strength Training

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
That dude is THICK as shit, would have been cool to go. Thanks for the updates Stu[/quote]

Hell yeah! During the pic while holding up the keg he does look like Donkey Kong lol. Dude is huge. I’ve got to start attending these types of events in NY, I feel like even if just for my own personal benefit, not sure if I’d go down the road for training others anytime soon. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
Big Ant addressing the main Strongman Lifts

You mean the guy with forearms bigger than his calves?

…that’s my first thought at the first picture

and then the rest of the pics confirmed this - he’s a freaking monster!

(and the calves bit is an attempt at a compliment - just to be clear)

^Lol, great caption. Ant doesn’t usually pop online too much (finally talked him into getting a facebook account!), but I made sure he saw your little edit to his photo. He was quite amused :slight_smile: