Long Island Seminar on Performance and Strength Training

Yeah yeah, I know this is the bodybuilding forum, but so many discussions on here revolve around the benefit of ‘performance’ work vs more traditional hypertrophy work that I figured this might be of interest to some folks.

The guy giving the seminar is a competitive Strongman (NAS), Powerlifter (SSA), Arm Wrestler and a CSCS to boot. (He also happens to be my new brother in law, and one hell of a smart guy).

It may not be fully evident in the flier, but Anthony’s the monster with the 18" forearms in some of the photos accompanying coach Gaglione’s training articles. I’ve been trying to talk him into competing in a bodybuilding show for years now, but he just likes his Wendy’s burgers too much :slight_smile:


Not something I’d be going to, but that’s cool he’s your brother in law and all.

Recommended! I’ve met the guy several times at Gaglione’s. He’s very smart and helpful.

[quote]BrickHead wrote:
Recommended! I’ve met the guy several times at Gaglione’s. He’s very smart and helpful. [/quote]

Oh yeah, anyone who has ever been in one of coach Gaglione’s very informative seminars will recognize Anthony. It’s a funny story, but I actually knew Anthony well before I ever met his sister at a New Year’s Eve party and asked her out (I had no clue they were related). Ant and I were the only two guys at a CSCS seminar who, to the unknowing eye, looked like their physiques could back up their knowledge. When I found out that he also worked as a teacher for his “day job”, and pursued his sport on the side, it was like finding a kindred spirit. 4 years later, I’m married to his sister -lol.

As an aside, since this event will be held at my usual gym, there’s an amazing diner half a block away that I usually frequent with some of the trainers and other competitors there. Be very cool afterward to grab a bite and talk shop with any other T-Folk who show up :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome story. I’m most likely gonna be there.

I’m not really into Strongman training, and this would take me about 3 hours to get to from my location (according to google maps) but I’d be willing to check it out, might spark my interest in Strongman training!

When I first started really hunting down info and attending every seminar I could find, none of them were ever anywhere near where I was living. kinda sucked, but I made a lot of contacts despite having to travel a few hours by myself in the name of knowledge. It was actually cool to meet so many like minded people I would never have crossed paths with otherwise.


Just wanted to bump this, as it’s just a week away, and a lot of folks have expressed interest, either online or at the gym where there are several fliers posted up.

This guy’s not just a beast when it comes to training, but he’s also one hell of a bright coach. There aren’t too many folks who I respect for talking the talk as well as walking the walk.


Heading over in a sec to train legs beforehand, then planning on a lovely pancake (late) breakfast after in case anyone’s down!


Big Ant addressing the main Strongman Lifts

Preparing to clean a fat bar

How to properly clean and press a single DB (see the rather large one sitting on the floor)

Doing his best Donkey Kong impersonation

Going for a little walk on the farm

Supervising as an attendee shows he’s got the stones for Strongman work.

A little Q&A session.

Finger Ladders on a sledge hammer

A forearm development exercise with the motivation of not getting smashed in the forehead.

Great day all around. The entire seminar lasted about 2.5 hours! Anthony delivered some lectures, tons of hands on work, and great summaries of key points to take away.

I’m not sure if he has any intention of doing these on a regular basis, but it’d be great if he did. He’s a true wealth of information.


That dude is THICK as shit, would have been cool to go. Thanks for the updates Stu