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Long Island NY Powerlifting Gym

Hello just trying to guage interest on an idea I had. I’ve been looking for a good powerlifting specific gym on Long Island. I know there are a few, but most training is based on team times and a specifc coaches programming. Now I think that’s great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a facility that had long hours, and you could train as you wanted to, when you had the time( think 4 am to 10 pm or close to it).

It would have good equipment, good music, and hopefully a good environment geared toward powerlifting. If you could have this for say 50 bucks a month would you do it? Prob located in central long iand, near lindenhurst. Coaching would also be availae to those who want it, and there would be a rule that you must alway spot when asked.

In lieu of that, anyone interested in starting a club in lindenhirst area, maybe rent out a storage unit or something similar, I have some equipment…