Long Head Tricep Tendon Stretched Out, Help!

Hello T-Nation,

I have been checking out this website for months now and have applied face pulls and a couple other suggestions to significantly improve my shoulders. Essentially, I was having major problems bench / incline pressing. Targeting the muscles that specifically move the scapula back has really helped. I can now bench press with little trouble. Thanks for all the articles and suggestions. A couple months application and I am doing way better.

My current issue: For the last 6 months or so, I have what seems to be a weak / stretched out left long head tricep tendon (at the origin / scapula). I feel the tenderness specifically around the region where the crack forms between the upper arm and back. When I do pulldowns / pullups or when I am starting to lose steam during one-arm DB rows, I can feel the discomfort radiating on the back-side of the crack, very little on the upper arm side of the crack. This is exactly why I believe it is a stretched out long head tricep tendon at the origin / scapula. I am certain the daily habit of putting my left elbow on my desk at work and then slouching is the main reason this tendon is stretched out. I quit this habit a couple months ago.

I am wondering if there are specific movements to help tighten up the long head tricep. I know French presses / skullcrushers / overhead DB extensions target the long head but these movements have not corrected my problem.

Any help would be great. Thanks.