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Long Head of Triceps


Hey guys!

What exercise could i do fo working the long head of the triceps?
Overheadpresses standing or sitting with barbell oder dumbbell doesnt work for me. My shoulder kills me. I guess im not flexible enough and my shoulders always give up before my tri.

Are Skullcrushers, Frenchpresses and Rollbacks lying flat also working the lond head?



pjr pullover


Wide Reverse Grip Smith Bench Press.




You should work on that should flexibility. Look up simple 6 to take care of that. You want to have healthy and mobile shoulders or you won't go anywehere in this weight training thing.

triceps long head

Warm it up with a couple overhead rope extenstions and then move to pjr pullovers to actually train it.


Thanks guys.... would you recomment to go heavy for low reps on these. Or medium Reps.
Size matters :stuck_out_tongue:


I like going heacu and hitting between 6 to eight on these. After the warm up on the rope extensions. I feel like they're ready to have heavy work thrown at them.

Something like this

2 sets of overhead rope 10 to 12 reps
3 sets of pjr pullovers 6 to 8 reps


Regardless of the exercise, heavy pjr's or any elbow flexion movement can really trash your elbows. I suggest getting some neoprene sleeves or lightening the load and hitting the higher rep range similar to a DC set of 15-25 RP. If you are not concerned and have good elbow health make sure you watch the videos on how to properly perform the pjr pullover.


Depends what allows YOU to feel the long head working best.

It is common sense to personally try something out a few times before asking for advice on something extremely personal such a rep range preference.


And you weren't talking about military press when you said overhead press, were you?


No i wasnt. MP works good, unless im not doing at atm.
Its just that i work my shoulders before tri and they burn as hell if im trying to work tri overhead. But ive tried pjr pullover and it worked well, so thanks guys.
Did them medium reps and worked good. Will try to go heavy next time, to see the difference.

Awesome site and forum btw!


I've been doing DB Skullcrushers and Overhead extensions . I don't have the biggest arms in the world ,but they've been improving.


Ive tried the pjr pullover recently with a dumbbell and i have trouble going heavy on it because i feel like my head is going to explode, ive only used like 100lbs but it feels light


good adivce indeed!!
on pushing(compounds) movements I can go pretty heavy (for me,260ish X 8reps CGBP),any -and I say any- flexion movements (french press both kambered bb and dbs) or overhead db press done with a 6/8 reps load kills&trash my elbows for days (sleeves or not).....same for heavy tris pushdowns at high cable,WTF!!!!


Youve got to go High reps with the PJR pullover anyway. You run out of weight so fast. Hopefully your gym has some really heavy DBs. You could go heavier with an BB in theory but might not like the feel of this compared to DBs.


yeah,i was thinkin to use a kambered (ez) barbell with PJR pullovers,btw don't think to use heavy db...i use just 70lbx14reps for standard pullover (lats)-4sec eccentrics,can do bb rows with 250lbx set but never liked to go heavy with isolation excercises,too much load on single joints imo (i could be wrong,btw)....anyway,friday I give a go at JPR pullover


I personally prefer DB Pullovers to PJR pullovers, easier on my wrists, but I like them both for long head staples.


Definately the EZ bar. They are also really good from dead stop off the floor. Just make sure that if you try them you know the ROM. There is no elbow lock and you do not bring the bar/DB back up over your face.


indeed,first light sets for the groove than try to add some load,hopefully...thanx



ez bar is superior to a dumbell for pjr pullovers. find a way to anchor your feet down and have your upperback off the bench.