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Long Head Biceps Tendon Strain

Ok guys.
I haven’t searched does this topic But last week on the bench press hammer strength machine and I think I did too much weight and I strained my long head bicep tendon
I am guessing it’s the tendon on top of your shoulder that’s where it hurts on the front part and if I try to do curls it hurts too so I think it’s the tendon that’s attached between both muscles.

I guess my question is for all you guys that are or do injure yourselves do you completely take a break from upper body or do you try to work around it or do you fight through it which you probably don’t.
My guess is I need to take a couple weeks off from working shoulder press or chest for a while and mabye just do push-ups for a couple weeks .

Ive heard if it hurts then don’t try to push it just take a break until it stopped hurting cause you could make it a lot worse

Hey, active release technique can work wonders for the anterior delt/biceps tendon. I have had excellent success helping patients and friends that had trouble flexing the shoulder, and I would target that specific area, along with the supraspinatus. Hurts like hell when it’s being done, but the good part is that it’s only 4-5 reps on each movement. When done, I have them test it out, and it is amazing. In many situations, they are good to go. If you wish, I could show you how you can do this yourself.