Long, Hard Search for Info

Hi guys.
I found this site while searching for something quite precise and I wondered if some of you could help me. Thk you in advance to anyone bothering with it :wink: .

I’m 27, and since i was a teen, I have been having some kind of T inefficiency…
To be short:
-Delayed puberty ( 17 )
-No libido ever appeared/ ejac and erec troubles
-No morning wood ever
-No way to put on any mass ( A whole lot of sports, 1 year of heavy lifting, I didnt gain a single pound).
-Absolutely no male hair pattern.
-Always tired/ sleeping issues.
-Look really young due “not very manly” features.
-Huge brean fog - inability to concentrate.
-Irritability- mood swings.

Now as you can guess it has been quite a nightmare and destroyed everything i tried to build in every area. Today i just cant keep on going like this, and i need to start living.

Problem is: My Junk is fine
Testo is normal ( above average )
LH is normal ( average )

I just can’t find any doctor who can do shit about me and I dont know where to look. Is this situation familiar to anyone? Do you hve tips? Names? Adresses?

Thk you really much to anyone who helps.

I would suggest doing cardio, keep lifting hard and heavy, EATING RIGHT AND ALL THE TIME!!

If your T levels show up normal, then your only other option is getting your own “prescription” to some test and adding it on top of the above.

If doctors aren’t helping, then take matters into your own hands.

Asking for advice like you are doing would be a great start and I wish you luck!

AMY: Please read the advice for new guys sticky for general info that you need to understand.

Age 27
When did you reach final height:
Waist size:
Where do you carry fat:
Do you get cold easily:
Any blows to the head before the problem started in your teens:
Any sign of gyno:
List medications:

Can you post lab work with ranges?

Have you ever had these thyroid tests?

  • TSH
  • T3, T4
  • fT3, fT4

Are your body temperatures low?

Where do you live?

Your problem is much deeper than diet and exercise.