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Long Hard Road to Elite Fitness...


Been reading the forums and articles on the forums for quite a while, really an outstanding resource for anything physical training related.

Decided to jump on the T-Nation band wagon and keep a training log! I've been running and swimming a long time, but only within the past year have I explored strength and conditioning, and continue to see sweet gains.

So to start off this fantastic training log, I'll be doing a one week experiment by taking the workouts from Mark Divine's Sealfit website.

His website seems good, and honestly, I hope I'm in good enough shape to keep up with him. My most recent goal, finishing the SoCal Tough Mudder on May 28th with a team from work, has made me change how I train.


6'4", 190#, 8-9% bodyfat.

1RM Squat/ Bench/ Deadlift


Clean and Jerk:

Max Dead-hang pull-ups:


Max Pushups in 2 minutes:
Situps 2 minutes:
1.5 mile timed Run:


Crossfit Fran... (21, 15, 9 reps Thrusters/ Pullups... did them dead hang just for fun):
3:47... did this with my gym buddies to see if we could keep up with the forgers of elite "fitness."

Timed 1 mile Run: 5:24

Marathon: 3 hours, 31 minutes. Done in November last year, not sure if I want to do anther one.

I'll be updating this log as I go on. Strength/conditioning for now, but I do want to hit that three plate squat by the end of the year.

Excited to get rolling!