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Long Hard Road After Severe Operation...


hey guys, here is a before of me,taken in april 07. I was about 145 lbs in the pic above after I had a serious intestinal operation and almost died. I just want everyone to know that anything is possible. My avatar was taken yesterday...I am about 180 lbs now. I posted my story up in the PN forums. If anyone is interested in more detail let me know.

I am on here in search of a good mentor. I have come pretty far by myself yet I feel in order to take it to the next level for myself and my clients I need some outside help.

I am not asking for numbers, nor am I insterested in pagentry, I just want to share and gain info.


Good progress, especially with your operation.

Please read the rules. This will prevent a lot of flaming heading your way!

1) Submit a back and leg shot at minimum.
2) Supply lift numbers and/or diet information at your will.


yeah we need more pics..


front and back




another before pic...this was a month or so post op...i was about 150 here...I can't even look at this...


I will say you look most impressive in the back shot and the avatar. The others make you look like a scrawny emo kid whose first girlfriend just dumped him then you cried because your stakeboard broke. I wouldn't show those as much. The last one is good, though.

Visible V-taper, reasonable back thickness and width, shoulders and arms look good, traps are weak. Lats need more thickness. Overall mass gain would be beneficial as well. What are your goals?

Try to hit us up with a leg shot too.


Hair looks better short. Good progress considering your operation and all. Still say you need more size.

How tall are you? What are your lifts like? Goals?



If you want to read a story of an inspirational bodybuilder who went through a similar operation(s) check out a guy named Peter Nielsen in Detroit, Michigan. By no means is he a huge guy but considering he has a few surgeries due to severe Crohn's, he has done ok. At one point in his teens I believed he weighed less than 100 pounds.



Nice work on the weight gain while staying lean. Nice progress, keep lifting heavy. If I had to be critical I would say arms and traps are lagging the rest.

I know this was a before picture so I'm not busting on you just an odd similarity...


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback.

Here is a synopsis of my diet and training in short.comming off a 10 day hft alla Waterbury followed by 6 days of rest I am just kind of winging it, but more or less cruising.


vertical push pull

horizontal push pull

excercise selection is based on degree of difficulty. each workout has a hard, easy and medium excercise which i rotate each time.
loads are always increased at smallest increments possible and rep ranges are between 25-30 total reps. 10x3's 5x5's 4x6's etc....

example- push press, wieghted chin, prone leg curl.

db incline press, bb row, squat.

wieghted dip, upright row, deadlift.

my pr lift stats:

never max out but I am doing 5x5's with 245

power clean
155 for a 5 rm

oh press
155 1rm

wieghted dip
bw + 135

bw+ 90
both 1rm

I am currently training with a partner as of this month, another trainer at my gym. I do kb's with my clients. Im shifting towards an nhe/ad style eating control insulin (family history of diabetes and i only seem to carry fat on the insulin sites) and try to avoid grains as i am celliac.

I really am on the fence still about pwo carbs. I use protien w bcaas since I really enjoy massive carb loading and reaping the incresed performance benifits.
In the past I have used plain maple syrup and protien or fage yogurt pwo.

I don't really count calories latley but I would say im in the 3-5k ballpark depending on hunger or my schedule. I will easily destroy entire mozzarellas, blocks of parmesean, a few turkey burgers or several bags of tuna...cartons of eggs and 5-6 scoop servings of protien shakes throught the day. containers of cottage cheese and walnuts/almonds are a favorite snack of mine as well.
produce doesn't last long in my house either...
I also consume fish oil and bcaas regularly and I am now trying the Biotest brands.

carb ups, could be beans, peas, rice, tropical fruit, oatmeal, gluten free bread/pasta...pizza and/or the occasional gallon of ice cream.
i have a trememdous appetite. Almost insaitable.

so...design me a goal guys...all advice is welcome.


That is a good design overall. You have hit all the basic movements hard.

You are definitely Italian if you are eating blocks of cheese. Take a side shot so we can see how huge your nose is. Just make sure you wipe the grease of your face first.

PS - I am Italian too, so I can talk shit :slight_smile:


yea man the schnoz is a bitch...i actually scraped it once doing a high pull.


I guess you must be quite tall?

Great progress, but there's still a lot more work to be done :slightly_smiling: I realise you went through rough times, but, unfortunately, myself - and, perhaps, other posters too - won't rate you more highly just based on that, as that would be unfair to the others who posted threads in this forum. (Shit, that was a loong sentence).

Best of luck to you.

Edit: also, didn't manage to find your other thread, but would be interested to read it once you post the full story up.


"Great progress, but there's still a lot more work to be done :)"

That's why I am here..looking for some ideas.


you doin deads,squats,snatches etc, or just beachies? just askin


i get it all in


Anabolic Diet + Optimized Volume Training perhaps?

Are there any persisting limitations from your operation?


nope...just celiac...works perfectly with AD. I have been playing around with it. I dont know if an nhe or ad approach is best.

but like I said, I am looking to get to 190 with my previos bf...