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Long, Green Rant...

Here’s what I’ve learned as I’ve matured and grown mentally, even if not physically: one should either be a Rand worshiping Objectivist or an Evola-esque crypto-fascist for any personal success in the West.

Much of my childhood nutrition was terrible. A source of “protein” was burgers and chicken nuggets, and corn was the vegetable of choice. I’m no longer a fat kid, but I simply don’t respond well to carbs, and I progress much slower than everyone else in training, even some girls I know (much of this is newbie gains, but still).

I gain strength, but it’s “relative” strength with no bulk to accompany it, no hypertrophy. I’ve been permanently stunted, thanks to the ridiculous difficulty in finding healthy foods that can be prepared as quickly as fast food or microwaved pasta. I have time now, but didn’t when I was growing, when it mattered most.

I was also a vegetarian for a few years when I should have been eating lots of protein that doesn’t suck. I ate a lot of soy. The environment is in absolutely terrible shape, but studying economics shows the shocking truth: personal sacrifice for the good of the earth only makes things worse.

A bank only needs to hold $100 to loan out $300, for a theoretical example. Those who save their money only allow more spending for the wasteful. Vegetarianism is like driving a fuel-efficient car. Gas prices go down for a while, allowing gas guzzlers to get bigger SUVs, which make gas prices go up in the long run. The end result is, you have to suffer with a little POS car in the long run. You only make the problem worse, AND you suffer for it!

Now that I know better, I try to eat well, but my basic “frame” is still a 5’6’’ econocar, age 21, no beard likely due to permanently damaged testosterone production, while the big guys, the SUVs, often lift more on their first day of training than I lift after 3 years of training, supplements, and diet.

They are Objectivists who don’t care for this planet’s future, yet are better off than those who believe in sacrifice for the good of the whole, who naively sell their souls to international finance/hybrid cars, figuratively speaking. The ones who care the most about the environment have no children, and their genes are replaced by the breeding masses. This is not how things must be done.

I’m no Randist. I still care about what will happen to this planet and this Reich in the next thousand years. While I personally give much more to myself, in light of the banking paradox, I still believe in long term thought for the future.

The solution isn’t personal sacrifice: it’s destroying the will of the wasteful through authoritarian nationalism. It’s hell on earth by anthropocentric standards, but I see it as the only way to stop climate change before it’s too late.

I certainly don’t look like a Stormtrooper, if that’s what you’re picturing. I am very small by T-Nation standards.

As much as I despite the overpopulation and overconsumption problems, I would probably be one of the first in the camps. This, I believe, is the true definition of personal sacrifice: not selling out for the “banks”, but taking the fight to the enemy, as a spiritual T-Man, even if physically retarded from past errors, and likely doomed to fail.

So, yes, I do wish I could redo growth, both physical and spiritual. If I had another chance, I would have to “play the game” of overconsumption, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, instead of being the fool who remains silent and faces the consequences. Only after reaching maturity would I begin my conservationist activism.

I see my own growth as like the planet’s. No matter how much I try, I will never reach my potential because of past errors in nutrition and spirit. I’m almost half a foot shorter, and physically much more frail, than my father.

The planet will never be the same because so many species have been lost to the overpopulation problem and general stupidity. Yet, I won’t give up hope for my personal goals (405 deadlift, 225 bench, etc), in spite of a combination of abysmal genetics and health history.

The planet will never be what it once was, but I still have hope that it can recover after the revolution (spiritual, not literal) happens. I feel as if I’m in a personal journey much like the earth is.

I think this is the only way to save Testosterone, not the site, but the ideology of masculinity, for a thousand years.

Once the overpopulation is stopped, there will be no more industrial chemicals, no necessity to plant soy, no dysgenic reproduction, and so on. Only by reclaiming our environment can we preserve the masculine ideal, the T-Man. The hijacking of environmentalism by leftists and feminists has been the most tragic destruction of a valuable movement of the 20th century, and it’s time we take it back!

So, keep lifting, preferably to Wagner or Burzum, learn to hunt and live self sufficiently, try to earn enough money to preserve a few hundred acres of good land, learn to garden sustainably, and so on. When the oil runs out, after 20 or so years, there will be a new need for courage, a new need for US! Be ready.

You need to stop getting high and watching Fight Club.