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Long Estered Hormones & Oral Absorbtion

I was listening to a podcast and heard that Long estered steroids like for example cypionates or enanthates can be orally ingested say 250mg/ml in gel caps after priming your body with grapefruit juice from concentrate prior to this, and they will yield a “Bioavailability” of close to 75% ofr more , the ester will be broken and the hormone will be left active in your blood stream for more than 12 hours. Something about the lymphatic system absorbing the hormone since its combined with the oil, there is more to it obviously but im not sure off the top of my head, BILL ROBERTS, what do u know about this scenario i described???

I don’t know of any evidence for that and I think it is extremely unlikely.

There is a pharmaceutical that attempted to accomplish this: Andriol (testosterone undecanoate in oil-filled capsules.)

Andriol at 240 mg/day (1680 mg/week) might at best, being very optimistic, compare to 200 mg/week of injected testosterone ester.

That would be at best 12% bioavailability, and a better figure might be only half that. So let’s say 6-12% as an estimate.

Cypionate or enanthate would have no reason to do better.

I don’t think grapefruit juice would make a big difference because although CYP3A4, the enzyme that grapefruit juice inhibits, does metabolize testosterone, it is not at all a required step.

Did I read somewhere a doctor recommended ingesting some kind of fat(s) (olive oil??) with andriol that helped increase its bioavailability…?


The compound itself is suspended in oil.

Needles are very effective, use them.

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