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Long Ester Cycle and Ancillary Plan

whatsup guys, been a while. I am finally about to start another cycle after 6 months off.

dbol 40mg 1-4
test e 400mg 1-12
tren e 250mg 1-10

anyway, I was thinking… since shutdown is in full effect only by about week 3, I could start the HCG week 3 (2x250iu)

in short: HCG weeks 3-12/13?

I’ve always been told to run the tren high and the test low

yeah its supposed to keep the tren sides off, but i am looking for some bloat on this cycle, and just enough tren to do its magic. I am more likely to just use less gear than do more tren.

Please? Anyone?

You can run your HCG from the start and run it till 3 or 4 days I believe before pct

my question is whether or not I can run it from week 3 onwards, because Im only getting enough for 10 weeks

Its not a problem starting from week 3