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Long duration isometrics

CT has said that isometrics of 30-40 seconds can be good mass builders. What type of fibers are being developed? Functional or cosmetic?


I’m not CT, but the fibers should be “functional”.

I think fibers are always functional, it just depends on what way. I suspect your concern was with in what ways doing those isometrics will serve other athletic pursuits (or other lifts). My experience is that they have a pretty good carry over to other lifts, that is, 30 sec. isometrics will help full range, low rep, strength exercises, provided you do not have any other glaring weak points. So if you get good at the lockout position in the bench, but you are weak off your chest, the range of motion you will most help will not help your bench. On the other hand, doing isometrics at your sticking point can be very helpful. You whole chest may get bigger, but your nervous system will not be well prepared to use that muscle through its full range of motion.