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Long-Distance Running Deaths


Most of you have probably heard that a 28-year-old marathoner died during the US Olympic trials. There have also been other marathon deaths so far this year:





Found these at HalfSigma... the commenters there are already suggesting there's a liberal media conspiracy which is trying to make running more popular.


Running is pretty fucking awesome.

Marathons do put quite a bit of stress on your body though. Without the proper training, they can really wreck you.

Going in to a marathon after training half assed would be like attempting a 1,000 lb. squat when the most you've ever lifted was 400.

That would probably kill you too.

And why does the media care to painstakingly edit running deaths in a conspiracy to make running look good? Seems like a complete waste of energy to me.


Reason #4,019 that running sucks.


^ Running utterly BLOWS and aerobics is a great way to get a heart attack.

The mainstream dogma has people loading up on carbs and then exercising themselves to death.

Chronic elevated adrenaline+cortisol+insulin = rapid adrenal burnout = metabolic disaster = heart attack if the idiot doesn't stop what he's doing

Check out the Bible Life site


None of these things have anything to do with heart attacks from running. Most are due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a congenital defect. This also causes death in many types of athletes, not just distance runners.


Thank you, Ted. I really despise running, but it ain't the devil. It has a lot of benefits (in moderation of course), and if someone likes to test themselves in long distance races, it's all good by me. It's a rough mental and physical test. I'd rather test myself under heavy iron, but whatever works for you. Running at high levels or long distances is kind of the same as competing in high level sports or PL or BB--it ain't about healthy well-being at that point.

It's about winning or testing yourself (pick one). That necessarily leads to the possibility of bad things happening to you. You do it b/c you love it at that point (ahem--I still maintain only lunatics love running), not because it's healthy.


Now, now...there are occasional deaths among bodybuilders and power lifters, too. Which doesn't make it an inherently dangerous sport.

Better to crash and burn doing something you love than to have a heart attack because you don't want to move your ass off the couch.


There's not much else I hate more than running for distance. If it's over 200m or if I'm not in danger of losing my life, I'm walking.


they were all obviously on steroids or they wouldnt have died exercising.


Basketball players, WSM competitors...

Running gets a bad rap because any out of shape slob can run down the street.

If you go into a gym on Jan 2nd you would think weightlifting makes you fat and unhealthy.



For everyone that points at runners, take a look at strongman Jesse Marunde who died in July. A powerhouse that was taken away before the prime of his life.


Did he have a congenital defect, or was it due to his lifestyle and AAS use? I really don't know, so if anyone does...


Sorry if I wasn't clear, his autopsy results stated it was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.


hahaha that's an awesome analogy. Also, starting a post in the "rate my physique" usually turns you into a 13 year-old skinny kid for some reason?




I hate running more than 200m myself.

But I've been in bike races where I felt like I took a year off my life due to how hard I've pushed myself. But it doesn't even have to be endurance stuff. I've done 20 seconds sprints on the bike, and feel like I was going to pass out. I'm sure I've hit my max heart rate way more than is healthy, oh well.


we have bikes and cars for a reason. kudos to anyone that can run that far though, that's amazing, just running to run is insane IMO. give me a ball to catch, throw or something, I need a goal in mind


I don't like running myself. If I'm gonna do cardio, I'd rather do a circuit, Tabata anything, or EDT something.

Doesn't mean running is bad though. I think it's a great sport that tests one's endurance (and speed if you're talking about sprinting). I have great respect for any kind of elite athlete, whether the sport be skill, strength, speed or endurance in nature.