Long Distance Romance

I’ve never posted on here before, so if this has been discussed at length, I apologize. Anyways, my girl and I are both in college, only I’m here and she’s away. We see each other every few weeks and enjoy our time together, but lately I’ve been finding it really hard to maintain the interest. I still like her, but I can’t see this distance thing being shortened any time soon and am getting frustrated with the feast or famine thing. Has anyone got any advice as to how to keep up the interest? Or with the long distance thing in general? Is it worth it, in the end? Is it worth breaking up just because it’s long distance? Thanks for any advice.

At best, long distance relationships are difficult to maintain. That whole “being away makes the heart grow fonder” is a load of crap. I don’t think it’s necessarily worth breaking up, but what usually happens is one of you gets involved with a local, and the relationship goes sour. What you can do is to agree to see others, and to be open with each other as to what’s happening. Will that keep “interest” up? Not necessarily. But you can agree to get back together when it’s all over and see if that “spark” is still there. At your age, you will change a lot, and may find that you’re just not compatible in a couple years. But then again, I could be WAY off base, since I don’t now either of you. This HAS been discussed before, but I don’t know where to find the thread.

Let me guess, you are in you first few years of college? If not forgive me, but here is my experience with a lost distance realationship: it lasted about a year, spent over $1000 on phone calls, missed her (at times) so bad that I cried), and the physical intamcy was (as can be understood) limited. On the plus side, I was very busy (working 70hrs a week) so I didn’t have to “make time” for her, or at least very much. You can also flirt with other girls to your heart’s contint and not worry about her slapping you. But I think the the that describes a long-distance relationship the best is what I read in “Dating for Dummies”. It was mentioning the levels of relationships (casual, intimate, serious-if memory serves) and it said that a long-distance relationship can never be a serious relationship. After bitching about it, I am in totall agreeance with that statement. Basically if you are not around a person on a regular basis than the relationship can only go so far. I am I saying it won’t work? No. It is much harder though. Best of luck.