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Long Distance Relationship Help


Hey guys, so me and my girlfriend have known each other for 2 years and we have been dating for ten months. I'm only 16 but she is one of my best friends and I do love her. This whole summer she has been in Texas with the intention of only visiting her mom for a month and then coming back here. She doesn't like living here because well her dad and step mom are mean. But she has stayed here for me.

However now that she's in Texas she wants to stay for our junior and senior year of high school. She wants us to have a long distance relationship but for two years my gut tells me it's going to be really hard. I can't imagine being with anyone else in an actual relationship.

But I'm already doubting the long distance which maybe makes me think I should just let her go.... I don't know what the fuck to do if anyone could help it would be awesome thanks


Get over it.

Your 16 for God's sake. If being together is that important to you, promise you'll call each other in 10 years to see if you can make something work.

You shouldn't be in a relationship with every woman you love and you don't necessarily have to love someone to be in a relationship with them.


Dump her immediately and bang other sluts that live under the bridge you trolls all hang out at.


lol, a little harsh, but absolutely true.

Your childhood fawning will last all of 2 seconds when you go to college.

I know you won't believe us but in a few years time you will actually laugh about making this thread


I met my wife at 17 and I spent 14 months in Japan while she was in college (half we were dating and half engaged). It's doable, but you'll know, especially at your age, real quick if it's not going to work. My suggestion would be to not hold on if it doesn't feel right after a few weeks/months.

It's completely possible the two of you could maintain a long distance relationship, but it's 100% up to the two of you. It's unlikely though as other posters have alluded to.


She'll cheat on you. That's what happens if you try to do a long distance relationship. Let her go and find a new girl like everyone else had to do when we were your age.


Come on now, this is possible, but not fact.


It's more than possible. It's probable.


You guys are acting like 99.99% of women will cheat at the drop of a dime. In my experience that isn't true.


It's inconceivable!


Says the guy who's been with his wife since she was 17. Where, exactly, is all this "experience" coming from...?


edit: that sounded way harsh when I meant it to be funny so I threw in a little winky face there by indemnifying me against any charges of bad taste.


tell her fine, just don't think she'll be the only one


Thanks for the advice everyone.. Even those harsh words. I'm going to just live my life and go with the flow. If it was really meant to be then maybe we will meet again. Appreciate it


No worries, I took it as funny :slight_smile:


Have you thought of putting a GPS in her car?


This can change in a heartbeat. Trust me.


Good job


Damn it.. You beat me to it.


why would you put it in her car when you can SIIHP!!!


When I was around your age, I moved away from my girlfriend and we tried to have a long distance relationship. It didn't really work; we didn't see each other enough, we didn't know each others friends, and our lives were just very different from each other.

After we broke up, we kept in touch with a phone call or two every year. Our lives both took different directions after high school.

Several years later, we ended up in the same state, and eventually ended up back together.

So, it can happen.

In the meanwhile, it's ok to move on.