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Anyone ever been involved in a long-distance or e-relationship?

Maybe you met a girl on a vacation, or your local girlfriend moved away, or you met someone on some dating site <Or even on this site :)>?

I’m just wondering what people’s experiences were with this type of relationship. Did you two stay committed? Did you see other people romantically when you two were apart?

Just wondering how this kinda thing works, as I feel like I might enter a similar situation in a bit as a girlfriend of mine might be moving away to begin her career after school within the next little while…

All I’m trying to get at is this: It’s probably not worth it to continue on w/ a relationship if you can’t have what you WANT from a relationship. Meaning: if a relationship to you means being able to see your SO on a regular basis/when you want to, then LD-romance is not for you.

On the bright side, when you don’t see your SO all the time you’re less likely to get sick of her! And jealousy might be less of an issue as you won’t see her most of the time, and won’t see actions that might create jealousy.

I know for me personally, long distance stuff is not my thing. Not that I have ever tried it, I just know I would go bat-shit crazy.

doesn’t seem like a good idea to me!

If she is solid emotionally, she may be able to handle a LD relationship. If not, she will look for someone tangible.

I was in a super-long distance realtionship for 3 years.(Met on Vacation BTW)

It ended when I married her almost four years ago. We did travel back and forth during the dating phase.

Just go for it, ANY relationship is emotionaly risky.

If you don’t do it give it your best shot you will always wonder “what if”.

I’ve been in two distance relationships. The first was more casual, and we had known each other for a long time before. The second, which I just got out of, was much more intense, and we only were going out for about two months before she moved (2.5 hrs away), and then two more months before I moved (4.5 hrs away). I don’t know that in the second case, that the distance was the main problem, but it was definitely an aggravating factor, in that it telescopes your relationship. Everything bad seems much more worse until the next time you see each other, and everything good just isn’t enough.

I don’t think people can easily remain faithul in LD ‘relationships’. Unless the relationship is truly exceptional , maybe the special person is worth the sacrifices.

But in most cases, people live in big enough cities. There are enough potential partners out there that there’s no need to try and commit to someone you can barely ever see <or keep an eye on!>