long distance driving tips...

I sure don’t miss driving through Missouri.

Fiind a ball game on the radio. That or talk radio of some sort. Sometimes you can find a interesting topic being discussed, and it will help pass the time.

ko - I drive from St. Louis, through Illinois, Indiana, hit Indianapolis, then down to Cincinnati. There are literally 2 major cities I hit on the way - Terra Haute, which is hardly major, and Indianapolis. Around Terra Haute there are signs that say “Prison Area Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers”. I find that kind of amusing.

well you can be thankful it’s not a drive through iowa…

OMG that is just plain torture… Plodding along a 4 lane divided highway, totally flat for miles, nothing but cows-n-crops, and a “we want money” 65 mph speed limit.

I used to drive a lot down I-35 from minnesota to kansas/oklahoma, and that iowa portion (all ~3.5 hours of it) was just hell any way you look at it.

Iowa kicks ass in comparison ot Nebraska…

Nebraska beats iowa due to the speed limit not being so heavily enforced… Can you possibly list a time when you saw anything less than 5000/police per hour on iowa interstates?

Ok maybe not that many, but sure seems like it.

Indiana is like that too, and there cars are unmarked. They have camaros, thunderbirds, crown vic’s, and many others that they just do an internal make over to, and voila, a police car that you wouldn’t know is one. It really sucks, because you have to watch your speed and EVERY car around you.

When I was a kid, we would fly to Dallas TX, then drive to Springfield, MO. God that sucked. My dad would also teach summer school in Ames Iowa, and then we would drive to Springfield. Do not miss it at all.

Six hours is not much. As a roadie, I used to be a relief driver for the tour bus. Eight hour drives were the short trips. There are a million tricks to make it go easier. Never stop until you have knocked out at least a hundred miles. Try not to drink diet drinks-they make you pee faster than regular drinks. Snack on light, salty foods like pretzels or popcorn. Just don’t eat the prepopped butter popcorn. It’s so full of oil you can squeeze just one piece and oil will run down your fingers. Lipton ice tea has a large enough opening in the bottle to pee in without making a mess. Never buy 20 oz. drinks. Ephedrine and caffeine should be rotated vs. using them together. Being a little hungry keeps you alert so no big meals. Karma is right about the sun. Keep it behind you if possible. Talk is better than music, and a person is better than radio, hence CB’s. Add a little Sea Breeze astringent to the water in your cooler. Dip a rag in the cold water to wash your face when tired. And bring a grip trainer. That alone can keep me awake an extra hour.