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Long Cycles


What are some thoughts and some steroids of choice in MAINTENANCE of high test levels.

basically take a real low dose and use it for long period of time, maintaining that above normal test level. what are some thoughts, studies, personal experiences. I kind of thought that it would be an interesting thing to do and people would benefit in the long run, but i am not a doctor, scientist, or a hardcore juicer. Only two cycles in and could use more experience.

so this goes out to newbies out there who are doing research, and those veterans of lifting industry, what are your thoughts on loong term low dosage steroid use.

note: ignore costs and inconvenience


did i post this too early in the morning for anyone to see? this might refresh it


Long term low dose is called Testosterone replacement therapy. It reduces full HPTA function and will provide minimal body comp results in comparison to someone with andropausic(?) symptoms.

The best idea in this scenario is to use TRT doses for (for exampkle) 8 weeks then use a cycle for 8.. and rinse and repeat 9no, dont rinse)

But this is pioneered by doggcrap i believe so please dont attritibute this idea to moi like the 'trifecta' recently was!



true, thanks for taking care of things. everything is in order i suppose?


That's what I thought I was doing until you told me that 350/wk was NOT TRT dose. haha