Long cycle MAG-10 for Bill R.

Bill, I’m following your recommendations for contest prep using MAG-10 @ two servings per day for the past 7 weeks. Should I add M and Tribex prior to ending this protocol and if so when?. I plan to continue MAG-10 for 3 more weeks. Obviously will be using Tribex and M after this for at least 4 weeks. Would using 4ad-ec after MAG-10 be a good idea to bridge?

I’d like to hear feedback on this too.

that’s a pretty long cycle

It would be great to get some of Bill’s opinions on these longer cycles.

If I use a full dose of Mag-10 for 4 weeks would 10 days on Tribex and M (instead of 2 full weeks) followed by 4 weeks without recovery agents be sufficient before starting another longer cycle?


Ten days of Tribex plus M is enough normally to get natural T production back fully (for that matter, a week is) and especially with another four weeks, or four weeks total (whichever you meant) you’d be fine for another cycle.

Spacemonkey, on your original question, Tribex and M would probably be wasted while on MAG-10, and I wouldn’t start until the first off day from MAG-10. I would probably not bridge with 4-AD-EC but if I did, I’d do it with a low dose like 1/3 serving per day. I’d actually prefer not to at least at first, because while using it it isn’t possible to tell whether natural T production is back yet or not. If you do use it, I’d suggest limiting to a week, then try discontuining for a week to see how you do on that week, then restart the 4-AD-EC if you like. Not for any medical reason but for the sake of being able to see for yourself what’s going on.

I was wondering about a 12 week Mag 10 cycle. I’m on week six right now and six more weeks on would put me exactly where I want to me. Has anyone tried this length cycle? Is it a good idea? Bill?