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Long Cycle - HCG/Clomid/Nolva


Hey all.

Quick post, im coming off a 20 week cycle in a couple of weeks time. I'm planning on running 6 week pct following a HCG blast. What numbers for the HCG would you suggest? And should i start the hcg a week or two before the end of cycle?



I would blast the hCG while the esters clear.

1000iu eod


Alright, and run that for 10 days? (i.e. 5000 iu total) Or longer?


yeah, depends on how shrivelled your nads are. If they're a bit smaller then yeah that'll be fine. If they're tic tacs I'd go for 10000iu total


out of curiosity, what was your cycle, and your plan for PCT?


Also, a couple notes on HCG...

while it can bring back the testes, too much can delay the HPTA recovery. low doses (500 iu EOD) are relatively effective...



I changed a fair bit as i progressed through into comp prep. Started off at 600 test e 400 deca. Switched to short esters at about 13/12 weeks out and added in test P, tren ace and mast. Dropped the test E deca.

PCT plan was always HCG blast, nolva+ clomid. I've had issues having a reliable source to get ancillaries etc. So at points ive had to change the plan for PCT. Finally got a source for HCG so im getting it asap to have it for recovery.


i'd add in something for prolactin and an AI, if you haven't already...


Ive always ran an AI, been running prami with the tren. Had no issues whatsoever with deca.