Long Break, Lab Results

Got my lab blood results today… areas of concern:

WBC - 4.1 range 4.0 - 11.0 - although not sub clinical, its low. I was fighting a stomach bug that weekend also,
Lymphocytes - 0.5 range 1.0 - 3.5 - very low, but goes hand in hand with white blood cels being low i think?
Ferritin - 452 range 22 - 322 - fairly high?

my ranges are different on my test than those described in the sticky on this forum but:

Triglycerides - 0.78 mmol/L
Cholesterol - 5.42 mmol/L
HDL - 1.60 mmol/L
non HDL - 3.82 mmol/L
LDL - 3.47 mmol/L
HDL ratio - 3.4

TSH - 1.29 range 0.30 - 4.00
FSH - 2 range 2-8
LH - 3 range 2-6
Prolactin - 0.71 range <4.0
Estradiol <70 range <150
Progesterone - 1 range <4

Testosterone - 8.3 range 8.4 - 28.8 - LOW!
Free Test - 181 range 196 - 636 - LOW
Vitamin D - 74 range 75 - 250 - LOW - Been taking 3000iu’s twice a day, been low for awhile, doctor wont do anything

This is after a 15 month break from everything.

My situation is, the last two months ive been dealing with relaxing my adrenal’s, perfecting my diet, getting under 12% bf and dealing with inflammation. I’ve been getting cryotherapy and everything else has been going well. I started hGH therapy @ 3iu’s every morning before cardio and breakfast 3 days ago. My question is do I add test at a TRT level and cruise for a bit till I’m 100% ready to blast, or just do gh alone till I’m 100%? just got labs today?

I’m not saying this is what’s happening with you, but a major purpose of cryotherapy is to reduce inflammation, and that includes immune system inflammation. Its great for lowering inflammatory markers. That might explain (MIGHT!) the white blood cell and lymphocyte dip. This can be extremely therapeutic for people with inflammatory immune conditions.

After I fasted for the test, when I started eating I didnt feel so well for about 3 days after. Had something going on in my guts. Maybe that could have affected that reading. I’ve had live blood analysis lately and it showed strong moving white blood cells. My concern is my very high iron too. Not sure why that be, but I have been suffering from inflammation in my elbows lately… Thats why i figured the cryo was a good idea to combat that.

hey, I am still a bit new to the low testosterone thing, however if it was me i would be a bit concerned about the high ferritin levels and would ask for a full liver pannel. eleavted ferritin levels could be caused by problems with the way iron is stored in your body, which can directly effect testosterone and pitutary function.

Ferritin levels — Ferritin is a protein that reflects the body’s stores of iron. Blood ferritin levels increase when the body’s iron stores increase; however, levels of ferritin usually do not rise until iron stores are high. Therefore, the results of this test may be normal early in the course of hemochromatosis.

Ferritin levels greater than 300 ng/mL in men and 200 ng/mL in women support a diagnosis of hemochromatosis. However, ferritin levels can also be increased by many common disorders other than hemochromatosis.

Avoid iron fortified foods, supplements, cereals/bread.

CBC or hematocrit labs?

Low immune cells can simply mean that your body is not combating pathogens at this time.

Vit-D3 is your issue to deal with, not your doctor’s.

Have you always been using iodized salt?
Do you feel colder easier now?

Explain - “dealing with inflammation”

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Follow these links:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc
  • thyroid basics explained – check oral body temperatures as suggested.

hGH will not work well when you are in this catabolic state.

You appear to have secondary hypogonadism. This is not a result of HPTA repression by prolactin or E2.

EFA’s - fish oil, nuts, flax seed meal/oil
In your catabolic state, joints and soft tissue problems may not recover or heal.
Lab for CRP is general inflammatory marker.

No CBC for some reason?
WBC 4.1 range 4.0 - 11.0
RBC 5.21 range 4.5 - 6.0
Hemoglobin 160 range 135-175
Hemocrit 0.45 range 0.40 - 0.50

Vit B12 611 range 198 - 615
Ferritin 452 range 22 - 322

Glucose fasting 4.4 range 3.6 - 6.0
Creatinine 83 range 62 - 115
Creatine Kinase 115 range 40 - 280

Triglycerides 0.78
Cholesterol 5.42
HDL 1.60
non HDL 3.62
LDL 3.47
HDL ratio 3.4

TSH 1.29 range 0.3 - 4.00
FSH 2 range 2 - 8
LH 3 range 2 - 6
Prolactin 6 range 2 - 16

PSA 0.71 range <4.0

Estradiol <*70 range <150
Progesterone 1 range <4
Test 8.3 range 8.4 - 28.8
Test free 161 range 196 - 636

25- Hydroxy Vit D 74 range 75 - 250

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat too much red meat. On top of Vitamin C intake being !000mg morning, intra workout and before bed. Plus whats in my greens, food and aminos I beleive it’s causing me to absorb too much iron?

I recalculated how long I’ve been off absolulty everything and its 8 months, not the 15 months it’s felt like and what I stated in an earlier post.

I also have been taking 3000 iu’s Vit D drops in the AM and before bed for a year at least. Not raising my levels too much at all.

I’ve been taking all my minerals, Vitamins, I even drink Kangen water and make sure I’m eating alkaline and eliminated all red meat, pork , and am starting a parasite cleanse the next full moon, lol.

I’ve never had inflammation problems before? but my elbows have been hurting for at least 2- 3 months, sometimes my hands and knees. I started cryptherapy on my own and I’m on my way to getting under 12% bf. Since I’ve been natural I thought I was doing alright, but honestly now I realize I should be leaner and bigger for how I eat and train.