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Long Break from Training, How Big a Setback?

Bit of newb question but feel like I need to ask this.

Hit a whole bunch of PRs last week on my squat and bench and was super amped. However, my gym membership for my temporary gym ran out and my college gym is shut for a while. I’m headed out of town on a trip to meet my parents and by the time I come back, I would have gone 2 weeks without a workout (maybe some mobility work done during this time).

Super frustrated but everything is shut with the New Years holiday going on so can’t even try and get a temporary membership for before I go let alone afford one.

How much should I expect to lose and how far will this set me back?

That’s highly individual. It may do nothing or you may be a bit weaker.

No point getting frustrated, just mitigate by doing what you can (push ups, hill runs, etc) and don’t let yourself get derailed when things reopen.

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2 weeks isn’t really a long break.

In 2 weeks what/how much you’ll lose depends on a lot of things. Might be no loss at all but likelier you’ll lose “the groove” technique wise a bit and some of your neural adaptation to strength training. Flexibility and cardio/endurance will drop a bit too but who really cares about that shit.

So if you do fuck all for two weeks and come back you’ll probably see a small drop in performance.

In 2 weeks you shouldn’t lose much in the way of muscle given you’ve eaten right during your break so the base will still be there when you get back and even if it takes a few weeks or even a month you’ll be back to where you were pre break pretty quick.

its not like you’ve truly lost anything or gone backwards. A worst you’ve just stalled your progress for a few weeks.

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On second thought, I plan on getting in a few dumbbell workouts in during this. It’s a hotel gym so not much can be expected. Thanks.

I found personally if I stay hydrated and eat enough calories to stave off weight loss, any drop in performance is minimal.