Long Backpacking Nutrition

Hi. I’m going on a super long backpacking trip (160 miles) in high elevation and I need very dense food. I don’t want to lose any muscle but I don’t want to gain fat either. Should I pack mostly dense carbs or mostly dense fats like nuts? Most of my meals will be mixed P+F+C since I just can’t really seperate them very easily…most dehydrated meals are mixed and bars too. I have a lot of nuts and jerky and protein poweder and MD bars. Any suggestions?

Ha ha - jerky, protein powder and nuts are the staples I take on day hikes too. Never been on a 160, but my suggestion might be take dehydrated fruits or maybe even dehydrated meat powder - anything without water in it.

Do you have the ability to reaquire provisions during the trek or is is strictly backcountry. I assume you already have water purification tablets and at least the burner to boil right. If you have the ability to make oatmeal - I would definitely take that as it fits the criteria of dehydrated and sustained release of energy. Still - the nuts and the beef jerky are gonna be your best bet if you want the lightest possible solution.


Hey i just did a 50km treak a few months back, peanut butter is really good its got every thing in it carbs fat and protein its not to heavy and all u need is a spoon to eat it takes heaps of it with you and snack on it every hour.

also pre mix a huge 3L water bottle with whey powder and water and sip it through out the day will keep the AA levels high and help stop any muslce loss. cans of tuna and baked beans where good for proper meals as well.

have fun