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Long Arms Growth Difficulty

Hey coach CT. I am having trouble growing my upper arms and forearms despite training them 2-3 times for almost a year now. I have long arms (my reach is longer than my height). Please give me some training tips/advice.

I always did too. Get good and parallel dip (tricep dips) and close grip chin ups (especially pause at 90 and then pull yourself up). The old poliquin adage if you can’t do 20 tricep dips and 12 close grip chins you don’t need direct arm training yet.

Pause dips at bottom to remove stretch reflex

Actually, I can easily do more than 20 bodyweight dips and 12 bodyweight chinups. Frankly, I’ve been neglecting dips because it activates my chest and not my triceps. Maybe I should get good at those exercises weighted. I’ll give it a try.

Tricep dips are different https://youtu.be/hVXLymlJ6hw

And close grip chins are hands 6-4 inches apart.

You can try pre-exhausting and then doing these exercises.

Thank you. Your replies are very helpful and eye opening.

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Biceps, forearms - do heavy bear hug carries. One arm cable rows and pulldowns.

Triceps - overhead extension and narrow grip bench.

A dip variation is use a lat cable machine side on and push down with one arm.

What are you doing for arms? Nobody asked this.

Can you ever feel your triceps working?

Do this…

and include these…

For example, overhead DB/EZ extensions are all elbows for me. I feel nothing in my triceps

Currently I’m doing this on mondays
A. Close Grip Bench Press 4x8-10
B. Seated DB Overhead Ext 4x8-10
C. Reverse Grip Pushdown 4x10-12 + 5 partials
D1. Overhead Extensions w/ bar 7x12-15
D3. Hold arms overhead for 30sec

A. Standing Cable Face Curl 7x10-15 reps (30 seconds rest between sets with limbs above head)
B. Incline Dumbbell Curl 4x10-12
C1. Spider Reverse EZ curls 7x8-10
C2. Spider Hammer curls 7x8-10
Rest only 45sec between sets

And this on thursday/friday
A. Rope Pushdown 10/8/8
B1. Kneeling Bench Tricep Ext. 3x8-10
B2. EZ close grip neck press 3x8-10
C. Lying DB Tricep Ext 10/10/8

D. Cross body hammer curls 10/8/8
E. Scott Curls 10/8/6
F. Overhead Bicep Curls 10/8/8
H. Standing Reverse EZ Curls 3x8-10

I1. Standing Wrist curl 3x15-30
I2. Standing Reverse wrist curls 3x15-30
I3. Barbell Wrist rolls 3x30-60 seconds each side

Only tried this for one week now. But I’ve been doing similar workouts with some other exercise variations before 2x/week.

I can feel my biceps contract in almost all exercises. I cant feel my triceps working on most though. That’s my main issue. And I feel my tricepa is lagging behind my biceps.

Thank you. I will definitely try those exercises.

Are you doing like 100 sets for arms? Seriously, that’s 44 sets on Monday and 33 sets on Thursday, and 33 more on Friday. That’s literally 100 sets a week.


Man that’s prolly a little high for arm training volume. Look at John meadows article on arm training. Great for growth as well as elbow health.

What are your main lifts looking like?

I’m curently doing 1 rest pause set for biceps, 1 rest pause set for forearms and 1 rest pause set triceps, 1.5 times a week. I’ve never had arm growth like it!

The key is progression, pushing to failure and a slow eccentric. Not bullshit volume.

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Yup, if you’re doing 100 sets for arms, despite all those sets, you can’t possibly be lifting with any intensity at all. If you were, you’d burn out long before you were halfway through.

What you think will happen doing 100 sets per week.


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Thursday or friday. Not both. Just twice a week. Maybe it’s too much. Any help on the volume part?