Lonely :(

Hi buddies

Broke up with my g/f of 3 years.Kinda happened over time,we both changed she became more angrier as the time went on,dont know why,but we finally called it quits,we will remain friends though.

But now i realise that im going to become soo lonely,we used 2 everything togther i mean everything,so now with most of my friends moved away im just left workin going to the gym the home :o pretty boring if u ask me,i miss talking 2 people my age im 24.

I dont go 2 bars or clubs or any shit like that,just dont like it so meeting girls is sorta limited for me.

So any advice peoples,should i just let things fall into place or go and TRY to go get another girl?
I can get girls im not ugly and im a really relaxed laid back kind of guy so tis not like i go get pissed come home and beat up on the g/f hmmmm reminds me of the old expression “treat em mean to keep them keen” “lol”

sorry about the rant just a bit confused.

look foward to your reply’s


Sorry about your luck bro but you are young and have your health (right?). LT relationships are the tough ones to end at first but it does get easier. You have to find an outlet though. Get out there and have some fun. Go to Hooter’s with some bud’s, have some wings and beers then head to the strip club and ENJOY YOURSELF.
Keep you head up.

Sorry to hear that bro. My advice is to talk to chicks any chance you get, this doesn’t mean hit on them, just make friends with them whether it be at the gym, at work, your sisters friends whatever…before you know it you’ll have a network of chicks who have friends who have friends etc etc this is guaranteed to get you meeting at least one who is compatible. Then start going out on dates and viola…problem solved. Or at least you will have chicks you can talk to, so you won’t be lonely anymore.

Try just being on your own for a while.
Being single can be really great, especially when you’re 24! You can do whatever the hell you want, whenever you want and not have to answer to anyone. You must have SOME friends, go out, enjoy life,lots of things to do besides bars, try new things, find new interests.Meet women if the opportunity arises but don’t force it and don’t jump into anything serious right off the bat.
It’s OK to want to be in a relationship but you shouldn’t need to be in a relationship.

Hey man, don’t get too down about it. There are a lot of people out there like you, myself included.

After school most of my good friends moved away and I stuck around. I don’t like going to clubs (at all) or crazy bars too often, but I definitely won’t pass up at the chance for Happy Hour with the work buddies. Everyone’s always in a good mood here, so use the time wisely and meet people. You could also check out the local scene for bands playing or pick up a class in town i.e. cooking or a language. If you live in an apartment complex post a sign that you’re having a apartment get together for all the young professionals in the building - great opportunity to meet the neighbors.

Guess I’ve put some thought into this, as I’d be in the same position as you without my girlfriend. Hopefully your city is a little better than the one I live in so you can find more stuff to do!

Good luck, bro

I`m with Uncle Bruceter on this one.

Work on your relationship with yourself. Build it well (so to say, take care of yourself), and they will come.

You`re better off independent and alone and wanting than emotionally dependent and needy.

First maybe you should consider what you want. When I get out of a relationship, I always have to take into consideration what went wrong and what I need to do to make the next relationship work. Women are complicated, but there are good ones out there, I promise. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places. Do not be lonely! Spend time with your friends and if you meet someone, then great. You have to consider that you are only 24, you have your entire life ahead of you :slight_smile: Do not worry, I have to remember that too. Cheer up! Everything happens for a reason!

I wonder how many “she left me” “I left her” “we split” posts we will be reading. They seem popular lately.

I was in the exact same spot as you about a year and half ago. I was with a girl that I spent damn near every hour together with when I wasn’t in class or working. I’d go over to her house after work or class and stay there and spend the whole weekend with her. We did damn near everything together for little over 2 1/2 years. I found out she cheated on me and it really destroyed me. I revolved my world around her and I was really crushed when we broke up.

I thought I would never be happy again, that I would never find love, that everything sucked, that I had no friends. I was really depressed. And to be honest, I still feel that way sometimes.

A good example I thought to compare this situation with was a potted plant. My ex was the soil in my pot and I was the plant. I grew out of that soil and needed it for everything. When it left, I was really hurting. But, I had to replace that old cheating crappy soil with new soil. A soil that I can continue to grow out of. I filled my pot back up with lifting, school, making new friends, falling back on my family (I had grow a bit apart from them during my relationship with her), etc.

I can’t say that my pot is alway filled up yet. I’m still missing a person top it off but I can survive with out it. It feels good to be able to stand on my own two feet.

Things will get better. But it takes time and a lot of it. If anything you will grow out of this experience and hopefully be a better person.

new years resolutions.lol


ZEB, the “she left me” “I left her” “we split” posts will never go away. How to make love work is the eternal question that will forever haunt mankind and womankind.

Sorry to hear that, gutlips.

My last relationship also lasted three years. And now, I too am lonely. :frowning:


I suppose that’s true. I think however for the purposes of this forum you can pretty much put out the same advice for almost every situation:

  1. Gain some personal confidence. Most are young men who lack it.

  2. Let her/him go she/he is no good anyway. (add your favorite insult here such as, “the dirty whore.”

  3. Make sure you get everything in writing so she/he has no rights later.

  4. Always be good to your child.

  5. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You only have to be patient and look. Grocery sotres, beaches, etc. Oh, and bring your child as that attracts women.

  6. She/he has lied to you ____ times now. How many times are you going to put up with this?

There, now anyone who has had this problem can just key into these six areas and they will be well on there way to happiness.

(Okay, I am joking, but if you go back and read the last several threads that deal with this you will find these six repeated over and over. Have I left some out?) (Yawn.)

Yup, ZEB, the “dirty whore” insult does come up rather often around here. If I answered it every time it did I’d be making angry posts all day long. LOL

I wonder how many of the boys here who throw it out have never cheated on a woman.

Maybe I should start a survey.

Oh, you forgot “Get some balls, you wuss.”

Nice Zeb.

As was suggested before, I’d recommend that you work on yourself. Do what makes you happy, learn more about yourself and develop as a person. It sounds like you are stagnant(sp?) right now and you need to get out of the rut…now go find a slut and hit her in the butt. J/K

Wideguy likes number one. He also reminded me that number seven should be something to do with “going out and nailing everything in sight.” That seems to be a popular piece of advice from at least some of the T-men. We have to add that one for sure!

MD, I would put “get some balls you wuss” under number one as well. Although it is a more insulting way to say “you need some confidence man.”

Okay we have seven stand pat pieces of advice that we can deliver to all who need help in that area.

Sorry about the hijacking-But maybe we can help thousands more if we can all agree on perhaps a top 10 list of generic pieces of advice that are bound to work. We have seven so far…any others?

ZEB, there’s nothing wrong with a young man wanting to nail everything in sight. I’m certainly no stranger to sowing my wild oats. Maybe we should take this discussion to a new thread. :wink:

gutlips, sorry for the hijack. Uncle B, Dan C and Wideguy have given you good advice. If you want to find the right woman you have to be right within yourself first. So read, think, meditate, and train, train, train in the meantime. Try taking an interest course too. It’s a great way to meet people with whom you have something in common.

BTW, Wideguy, do you even know where the vagina is located? J/K


Kindly point out where in any of my previous posts that I stated there was in fact something wrong with a young guy “wanting to nail everything in sight.”

By the way MD also likes number one as a the best piece of adice.