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Lonely Bliss

What is THE song that you absolutly love, BUT wouldn’t admit to anyone because it’s corny, gay, terrible, etc, and for fear of ridicule? In other words, what song do you crank up if it comes on the radio while alone all while singing every word and bobbing your head to the beat violently? And keep in mind, if your friends were with you, you’d promptly change the station and say, “man, that sucks.” Get the idea? Okay, I’ll go first: Bust a Move by Young MC. This song is darn good, I won’t even deny it anymore. Whenever they played this at H.S. dances or club, watch out baby! A rug would be be cut. So let’s hear your secret pleasure!

Let me further clarify with some examples: Raining Men, Macho Man, The Safety Dance, basically any and all one-hit wonders of the 70s/80s/90s.

There you’ll be by Faith Hill, Drowning by the Backstreet boys, One more time by Brittney Spears. That song by Mandy Moore from Walk to Remember. Well I could name more but this is T-Nation.

oh yeah, anything by Ambrosia (early 80’s). No, I am not a homosexual.

I hear ya brother.

Ok, so I can’t reeally play because anyone that I call a “friend” has already been subjected to the pure terror of hell that is me singing. And anyone that can endure me singing is close enough to me to know that I fucking can’t stand Country music BUT I can not resist singing “Friends in Low Places” at the top of my lungs.

Country Road by John Denver…and as hesitant as I am to admit it, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler…

what? fuck you guys.

I’m big on George Michael, but I could care less about who finds it in my cd collection. Is it “gay”? I’m not sure, does music have a sexual preference? Do my cd’s engage in intercourse when I am not watching? Not that I’m aware of. Anyhow, that’s my “confession”. Ohhhh, scary.

MBE: “His tags are so gay since 0088.”


yo! vanilla, kick it one time boooyyyyyyyyyyyy!
i know every lyric to ice, ice baby!

I’m with MBE on this one: there’s something about a George Michael tune that gets my toes tapping (but I do not, I repeat, I do not sing along…). I’ve considered to pose to “Freedom” at one time or another, but the fear of using a George Michael song “in public” is too great. Another tune that I absolutely adore is Emma James’ “At Last”. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song.

Did I mention I LOVE that song? hee hee

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but does anyone remember that boy-band LFO. I have both their cd’s and I play them in my car all the time. Oh, and a couple of Hansen songs as well. MmmmBop, Where’s the Love, and If Only. There, I got it out!

MBE: you know what I meant man. Nevertheless, funny stuff as always.
The Rest: thanks for your honesty, good stuff.

I’ll aggree with MBE on the George Michael thing. “Kissing a Fool” and “Father Figure” are two faves. Also, “Feelin’ on Your Booty” the remix by R. Kelly and “Head Over Feet” by Alanis Morrisette. I only play these songs when I’m driving on the interstate where I don’t have to stop or if I’m home alone. Mostly in the car though. Almost forgot about “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road” by Elton John. Classic.

“Kissing a fool” by George Michael

Here’s another: Rub You The Right Way, Johnny Gill. This man has an amazing vioce, and this song captures that old new jack style (ex: motownphilly). Gets me movin every time.

Lately it’s been escape by enrique iglesias. I even learned it on guitar.

Shame on me
Adam Marshall

“Something to talk about” -Bonnie Raitt. I know there are more, I’ll list 'em later. This thread is so…cleansing.

MBE: “Therapuktic since 0033.”


99 leuftballoons by Nina, a bunch of David Bowie’s stuff, and Dead or Alive. Basically a buch of cheesy 80’s stuff. Hope no one I know reads this!

Anything by Journey. I love down hill skiing with Journey’s greatest hits on the head phones. Patricia: if you like Etta James, buy Nina Simone “Sings the blues”. I guarantee you will love this CD. If you down load music, down load “Sunday kind of love” by Etta James. You will love this one too, if you already have’nt heard it. I think you would also like Sarah Vaughn as well.

Oh jeez. Journey, definitely. A lot of Elton John’s older stuff (Candle in the Wind, Some one saved my life tonight, Don’t let the sun go dsown on me, Philadelphia freedom). A lot of Billy Joel’s stuff as well (I song the entire “Nylon Curtain” and “Storm Front” albums). Africa and 99, from Toto. Foreigner. Beach Boys Cocomo. Okay, I’m an old fart. One thing that struck me as funny, I was at a Taco Bell with a friend several years ago (we’d been mountain biking and were refueling), and a song came on the radio. We both knew the song and liked it. He said, “Do you realize that this song is now the equivalent of what the Beach Boys were when we were in high school?” Man, talk about feeling old…