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London Weapons Raid


Not good.

"British police were searching for a "suicide vest" laced with dangerous chemicals after a raid of the alleged bomb factory yielded two suspects but no vest.

In London, a 23-year-old postal worker was being questioned in a hospital and his 20-year-old younger brother was being held in a police station after their parents' home was raided Saturday morning, The Times of London said.

Police think the vest has been made and will be set off at a busy bus or train station, or in a crowd watching a World Cup game in a local pub, The Times said.

Law enforcement officers wearing oxygen masks and chemical protection gear raided the London house after receiving a tip that the vest had been assembled.

The postal worker was shot in his shoulder.

The Times reports Scotland Yard thinks the vest was put together in the house."



If it really works out how the police thinks, it could be bad.

Problem is, they have fucked up badly before (Jean Charles de Menezes - there is a little shrine by the tube station where they shot an unarmed, absolutely innocent man), the met police has a notoriously bad image.

Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

I haven't heard anything about a vest so far - and as for today, the media here says they haven't found anything.

Police terror shooting questioned
There are conflicting reports over the shooting of a man during Friday's anti-terrorism raid in east London.



Quick Update:

Intelligence behind raid was wrong, officials say
Vikram Dodd, Sandra Laville and Richard Norton-Taylor
Tuesday June 6, 2006



'Moved' sounds much better than 'wrong' don't you think? For the police I mean...

Police fear bomb has been moved
Anti-terrorist police hunting for a suspected chemical-based bomb after a raid on a house in east London fear that the device may have been moved and could still be used.