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London Riots


Anyone keeping track of this? Stuck in the middle?
i feel as if a ring of fire is being set around my local area; lewisham, bromley, croydon.
bunch of pricks looting and destroying property


I betcha RSGZ started it...


I clearly recall the days of the LA Riots. My wife and I were watching the news coverage as it all unfolded, and getting that sinking vulnerable feeling that humanity had truly turned on itself.

It would be almost 10 years before that feeling hit me again (9/11).


i dont think this is anywhere near as bad as the LA riots, not yet anyway


Man, I'm so detached from the news and TV I literally found out about 10 minutes ago.


I couldn't go to my favourite cinema (in enfield) the other day because these animals smashed all its windows and it has been closed down.

They are being let off too easy, the police need to get some fire hoses or something and put these animals back in their cages.


I saw a clip of it on the local news followed by a teaser about some bullshit fluff story then they mentioned that Obama was speaking here at 1 pm est ... I decided to go back to work


When this happend in Egypt i thought to myself and was telling others here 'england is civilised and people wouldn't do that kinda shit there'

How wrong was i. Humble pie eating time.

They should just go rambo style on then with a 50 cal


Yeah, this is me not giving a shit.

Really, they should get out there with some non-lethal bullets and just start shooting people; set some dogs on them and be done with it. Problem solved within 24 hours.

The law gives the scum too much power, and not enough for the people enforcing it - you might offend someone, or "their rights".


Whatever the cause in the first instance, shocking opportunism going on: bunch of kids broke into a jewellers...burning down carpetrite and aldi.... looting jobcentres and post offices ... idiots to set fire to the shops where you buy food, and work, destroying people's homes


My city is burning man :frowning:

My gym is in one of the boroughs that have been wrecked tonight. The journey there for back/bi's was 'interesting'.


The law gives the scum too much power? do you really believe that?


Please. You're not allowed to do shit to them, in case someone gets hurt. Why else has the reaction to this been so restrained so far?


I watched an interview with an "anarchist" during one of those G8 meeting riots. They asked the kid why he was rioting and he basically didn't have any coherent answer, other than he "doesn't like the G8." He came off like he just thought it was cool to be there destroying stuff.


Exactly the police cant do anything because their scared for their jobs


someone wants to give me insight on what's going on? Brazilian media is barely covering the riots.


Yeah, why did the riots even begin? did it start out peaceful! what was the point, if any.


Anarchy, basically mate. Gangs of kids looting and rioting. Some dude just got shot in the head in Croydon, which is a part of London, non-fatally though fortunately.


ive already started this thread! im in SE, warzone


even more reason to lose faith in humanity