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London Riots


What started out as a peaceful protest because of the shooting of supposed gangster Mark Duggan, ended up with mass riots in London.




Just a load of scumbag kids who are on summer holidays and have nothing better to do. These wankers boil my blood.


Bunch of absolute idiots just looking for an excuse for free stuff.

This is the BBM quote that is going round:

I wish I could just put them all on a desert island and let them kill each other

When do you think someone will raise the Race issue?


Of course it started out as a race issue, but now its just snowballed into a youth issue, like krebcycle said. This shit is happening just a few miles from my house. My local high street is boarding up shops.

The army needs to be called in to sort this out. Boris Johnson, the complete wanker is reluctant to leave his holiday because the 'police are handling it well'. What a complete cunt.

Watching the TV really makes me angry.


There are sirens going off all around my area.


Jesus Christ, London is burning to the ground. It's spreading like wildfire.


Absolute shit heads. Could see vigilantes if this carries on tomorrow. Police should be using more force.


Its now hit my town, crowds are gathering with baseball bats. Its fucking ridiculous.

They need to act now.


They let it spread for too long without pushing them back. Water canons and rubber bullets would have stopped this a long time ago.


I fucking hate the way they pussy foot around in this country, should take some lessons from the french police. They dont fuck about.


Agreed. So you N, S, E or W London?


Hope you and yours are ok ruggby. I read most of the BBC article you linked and they didn't really explain who Duggan was. I'm just wondering if it was his shooting that caused this or more of a gradual built up.


It's soft touch Britain all over.

Look at the way yobs - young, (think even teens for christ's sake) old, lads, girls - can swear, ffin and blinding at policemen in any town center on any Friday night across the country...it's no surprise.

Total breakdown in family relations. Parental control and well, parenting, out of the window.

It's been about 10 years or maybe 20 years since this underclass really beagan to show signs of emerging - I'm not talking about the old school racial discontent, the Broadwater farm and Brixton stuff, I mean this cross ethnic/racial yobbery...and still it seems the government/police have failed to tackle the general problem.

It's not even about these last two nights. The ones who are really causing the problem - and there are lots of them - are the kind that will beat your girlfriend shitless on a Friday night and maybe stab you in the gut for good measure.

It's funny. I still hear voices saying that the youth/gang problem across the UK is exaggerated. I don't know what parts of the country these people live in. In towns and cities across the UK, you can cut the tension with a knife.

Two words for the police. Rubber bullets.


I lived in Tottenham for four years. Can't say I miss the place, but it's shameful to see what's happened...


Stay safe guys.


Isn't that 'racism'?

They need to call in the Army.


This lady sums it up well:



I am ashamed of my country.

Obviously a bunch of idiots getting out of hand. I knew this would happen once the cuts start hitting people.

It doesnt take much for mobs to justify doing stupid shit.

Time for martial law...j/k I hope.


Dad's in London working. Sirens everywhere. Screaming. Fires all over the distance.

Wheres fucking robocop. The police here are useless; someone said they're passively protesting against wages and pensions being cut?


Ive just been out in it, realy kicking off big time. Police road blocks everywhere, saw about 50 youths being chased down the road. got caught up in it a little bit, but my car survived.

Its only rioting for the sake of rioting. Facebook isnt helping, people are talking shit. Saying places are on fire, when ive driven past them and theyre fine.