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London Machete Attack



The backlash calling for their deaths has been very strong in Britain since that, when I first saw the story (with the tv muted) I thought it was gang related and not religiously motivated.

Also spurned a strong British gun law debate, which I no doubt assume will become a prominent part of this thread given enough replies.


You put this in PWI and you will get a lot of replies. It is already in another thread over there and it is heating up.


I am probably going to get alot of flack for this, but when did attacking military personnel become terrorism? How is a soldier dropping bombs on a civilian population an act of war but hacking a volunteer in an aggressor army terrorism?

When the British fire-bombed Dresden, we didn't start calling the RAF terrorists, we called them antifascists or plain soldiers, despite the fact they burned women and children alive.

The definition of terrorism is using violence to intimidate the population or government, into granting demands, can anyone tell me how this label applies any less to the soldiers in the middle east than it does one man attacking a soldier?

I have multiple family members in the forces and they know I think the people they are occupying have the same right to kill them as the people who rebelled in the concentration camps did to kill their captors.

These lyrics sum up the hypocrasy; "kill a soldier you're a weirdo, kill a wog from the middle east your a hero"


Man I don't even know if I want to head over there, that forum devolves into madness quicker than it takes to heat up bread.

There is such an inordinate amount of factors that could be discussed with this story, by the time I catch up on firearm debate, someone will have already been fighting tooth and nail against the religion.

Soldier's name is Lee Rigby, thought I should drop that in here too.


I love it over in PWI, but I agree with your synopsis of it.

We will see where the Brits go with this. I guess everyone over the pond should be watching their back.


The guy in this video sums up my position perfectly.Rational and intelligent, simply pointing out cause and effect.


I assume we'll want blood for this, maybe even a riot or two if it goes too "by the book" politically/legally. For some reason this one in particular seems to have spawned a lot of passion and intensity, far more than most other things I've seen happen there recently.

The majority of us are already intensely racist and vitriolic towards muslims, of any background. Just the singular act of being muslim is enough to spur up some contempt. Of course I can appreciate why, because this is the light we see them in, but most of the people that I know at least, are very ignorant when it actually comes to our recent history with Islam and even the origins of Islam itself.

I'm willing to bet the hate will rise up even more so now that this is a major news story. As much as I don't want to white knight Islam, and the murderers here firmly deserve the consequences of their actions (which they will not receive to any satiable extent), but I have no doubt that the anger will be misplaced towards muslims that don't by any standard identify with the views and personality of those actually directly involved.

Sometimes I'm very split on the death sentence, but I no doubt feel they deserve it here. Of course I'm still reluctant because of the ramifications that would have were other militant extremists to get their eyes on it and act impulsively on it. But if anyone deserves that kind of a punishment, it would be these men.


Story about a woman who helped police get the attackers (her son's comments at the end are awesome):



I think given the choice, I'd definitely rather spend hours doing a police interview than watch the new Jackie Chan movie again.


post attack video


I am not heading over to PWI to say this.

All of this bleating about how they're not true followers of Islam, how Islam is peaceful and whatnot.

Bull, fucking shit. Everyone in Western Europe with a functioning brain behind closed doors hates Islam for what it is and its followers. So they dont represent your religion? Why is it then that you dont stamp it out? Why are your countries infested with corruption, harsh economic realities and stone age cultural values?

Suppressing women? Sharia law? Kill those who do not believe in your ideals?

Sounds like something a mentally ill person believes in, probably why these two cockneys are muslim in the first place. "Our lands" they call them, and here is me thinking black people originated from Africa. This is what makes Islam dangerous, you can have any person with a slight mental incapacity thinking they belong to Muslim lands because they read a few pages in the Koran, saw the many beheading videos on the internet and DVDs and learned to shout Allah Ackbar.

How else can people believe in such backwards "peaceful" religions if its not for being mentally ill?

If this was two white guys of the EDL butchering two Muslims and praising Christianity and the UK for being a bastion of the crusades, here is what will happen.

  • Birmingham, large parts of London and dozens of other towns and cities would erupt in a riot
  • Openly racist and fascist muslim gangs would murder people on the streets, white women will get special treatment
  • Christian enclaves across Asia, Africa and the ME would be bombed and openly attacked.

Now tell me where us white British people are regarding one of our soldiers being chased, beaten, mutilated and almost beheaded on our streets near a large mosque with a soldiers barracks nearby.

Our boys are told to not wear uniforms for fear of backlash reprisals on them by people. These people in the asian/muslim populations I think you'll find. Not white ordinary English people.

Thats like having won WW2 we let all the Germans in and they were free to spit on our troops. Wanna take a bet as to what would of happened?

We in Britain are always told how good we have it with multiculturalism, inviting Muslims into our country is a huge bonus!

If you call having schools with English being a third dialect, large swathes of cities with no English culture anywhere, openly abusive gangs of muslims who beat people they dont like the look of or find out they're gay/christian etc and open hatred for white women as progressive, then please direct me to the place that is fast becoming a shit hole.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are suffering but these societies have a terrible government in place, they're soft. Nothing like those days of viking carnage.

You people in the USA don't see this, I highly doubt Muslims would get anywhere near the say-so they have over here on your turf, you'd shoot them first. Nationalistic pride is a given for you but over here in Europe, Nationalism is pretty much a "get the fuck out of our country" and we're heading towards it.

France, UK, Greece. They're moving towards it quite eagerly tbh.

Oh and before anybody labels me a racist, give it a rest, your kind has had its say and its about time realism slapped you in the face. We're not compatible with the majority of different cultures and people. Especially ones which tend to become overly violent at the drop of a coin.


Forgot one thing.

Two neighbours (1 & 2) are friends, have been so for decades. Neighbour #1 steals some items from a neighbour across the street and parks their car in front of #3s house. Neighbour #2 benefits from this financially.

Neighbour #2 invites #3 over for tea knowing full well the good relationship between them and #1 is known to #3.

So tell me, what do you expect to happen? Inviting those into your home who do not readily like you is like inviting the enemy over to inspect your castle defences before they launch an attack.


This used to be the case, but in the past decade or so we have developed a large population of apologists that consider it socially taboo to show any sort of national pride and as a result we have developed an extreme disconnect between the east and west coasts (where the media is) and the middle (where the traditionalists are). I said all this to say, we are fast becoming like Europe,(many want this) and it is a matter of time before half the country is in the same boat as you.


Texas will be a shining light in the darkness. We will shoot you if you try to change us.


We are close enough to Texas we will probably follow your lead. If we can get Arkansas and Louisiana to join we'll have a nice little territory. haha


Did you ever watch the TV show Jericho? That is how it will have to get before this possibly could happen.


Never watched it. I am actually pretty sure that far more people are serious when the talk about secession than I thought there were. I have always kinda said it as a tongue in cheek type thing but there is a larger group than one might think that truly believes this is what its coming to.


If Texas secedes, I'm applying for immigration.


I guess yall and Alabama can come to if our previous scenario works out.