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London Bombing


Six boms went off around central london this morning [GMT]. It's cause quite a stir, no public transport is currently running, but everything is slowly getting under control.

Any thoughts about the situation?


Yup day after they get the Olympics. Would not surpise me if they didnt have such a system set up for each of the Major players in the olympic games battle. NYC, Paris etc..

I know that just from my perspective they are all ready stirring here in D.C.. The police and military are onn the move and the metro will be under close watch again.

My thoughts out to those who lost their lives or lost loved ones in such a classless act.


Islam is peace? yeah right!


Who said that this was done by extremest who claim to be muslims?

Its sad that in such an era, after all the history and other things we have witnessed such ignorance STILL exists.


Keep in mind that there are MANY terrorist groups in the world, and they aren't all religion-based. This could easily be a political group striking at the fact that the UK is hosting the G8 summit.

(Let's see how long before someone cracks wise that it was France, upset about losing out in 2012.)


I never thought they would bomb London as there are more Muslims living there than in Pakistan these days...


timed to coincide with G8 summit too...


Is it nice in your make believe world?

Muslims, fuck em!


bluey, you are an ignorant prick!


6 bombs, coordinated together, leads one to believe it was a sophisticated attack.

It remains to be seen who planted them but the size and coodination limits the suspects.


Let me take a wild guess, it's Al Qaeda and they're operating out of Iran.


But then again what ignorance can plant 7 confirmed (more unconfirmed) bombs at peak hour? And then have "al-queda in europe" claim it with pride?


Clearly, the Oklahoma bombing must have been caused by Muslims instead of who was blamed for it. Dumbass judicial system!

The point is, until it is confirmed, we don't know who did it.


From Spiegel Online at 8:00 AM:

"The blasts, which were early on blamed on a possible power surge on the London grid, have now been claimed by the terrorist group al-Qaida according to a document posted on Web site often used by the group to announce attacks. A group calling itself "Secret Organization -- al Qaida in Europe" says it was responsible and says it was a reaction to British participation in military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The authenticity of the claim could not immediately be verified.
Arab sources who monitor al-Qaida have also said they believe the attacks are almost certainly the handiwork of Osama bin Laden's terrorist group."


From the AP

CAIRO, Egypt - A group calling itself "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe" has posted a claim of responsibility for the series of blasts in London, saying they were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The statement, which also threatened attacks in Italy and Denmark, was published on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, according to Elaph, a secular Arabic-language news Web site, and Der Spiegel magazine in Berlin, which both published the text on their Web sites.

"Rejoice, Islamic nation. Rejoice, Arab world. The time has come for vengeance against the Zionist crusader government of Britain in response to the massacres Britain committed in Iraq and Afghanistan," said the statement, which was translated by The Associated Press in Cairo.

The authenticity of the message could not be immediately confirmed. The Associated Press was unable to access the Web site where it was posted, which was closed quickly after the reports.

"The heroic mujahedeen carried out a blessed attack in London, and now Britain is burning with fear and terror, from north to south, east to west," the statement said.

"We warned the British government repeated. We have carried out our promise and carried out a military attack in Britain after great efforts by the heroic mujahedeen over a long period to ensure its success."

"We continue to warn the governments of Denmark and Italy and all crusader governments that they will receive the same punishment if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan," the statement went on.

It was signed: "The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe."

The last major attack in Europe claimed by al-Qaida was a string of bombs that hit commuter trains in Madrid in March 2004, killing 191 people.


I feel heartsick for my English Brethren.

May this stiffen the civilized world's resolve to destroy these terrorists wherever they may be found.

justthefacts, just wanted you to know that your commentary at this time is deserving of a man-slap. You don't deserve a man's punch.



Leave it to the looney left to defend those guilty of these crimes.

It was claimed by "al-Qaida of Europe", but it must have been the same guys that attacked Oklahoma City.

Pull your head out of your asses people!

This is a real war. Your opposition to the war only furthers our enemies goals.


Listening to BBC Five Live, they have not yet said who they think has done it, although obviously Al-Qaeda is on everyone's lips.

Blair gave a solid speech condemning it and saying they wouldn't back down or stop anything in response to terrorism.

Another guy is saying right now that a lot of conspiracy theorists were saying Al-Qaeda was invented by the government to scare people. He's suggesting that people be told more about what's going on so they can help the police.

They reckon the guy on the bus was a suicide bomber.

My first thought this morning was that a similar plan had been laid out to hit whatever city won the Olympic bid. I know Paris has stepped up their terror alert and I'm pretty sure they'll be double- and triple-checking the trains and metros here. But it makes for a really nervous city of people. That's us, Paris and London all on tenterhooks now to see if something else is going to happen.


I'm sorry, but who is defending Al qaida? Every terrorist attack from now until the end of time will not be by Al qaida. I am glad we apparently now know who is responsible, however, jumping to conclusions before facts are in is retarded. Who was responsible for those powdered letters mailed to politicians in Washington?


I think people are overlooking the potential threat this poses on Americans. Between what happened in Spain last year and now this, American subway systems are extremely vulnerable to a similar attack. Here in the DC area, our subway system (Metro) is a virtual copy of the London system in both layout and overall security vulnerabilities. As soon as news on this story broke, security guards armed w/ machine guns were posted at Metro stations across downtown DC. For anyone here who has or does use the Metro, you know just how easy it would be for any terrorist to just plant a bomb and leave. Hopefully some steps are taken to curb this potential attack on our subway systems.