Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux

2017 is an incredible year for boxing.

December 9th, 2017, Lomachenko & Rigondeaux square off.

This is one of the most exciting matchups i’ve ever seen. These dudes are both two time gold medalists, skills beyond belief. They are also two southpaws.

My gut tells me Rigondeaux will beat Loma, but Rigondeaux hasn’t been in any big fights for a while. He’s one of the most ducked fighters in boxing. As for Loma, I was a bigger fan until a few of his recent fights. He’s done some really disrespectful sh*t in the ring to his opponents, which really bugs me. He’s basically acting like Broner in there, against someone he knows he can easily defeat. I’m surprised he isn’t humping people yet. That kind of stuff bugs me. Rigondeaux on the other hand, he just always gets the job done, laser precision, speed, defense, patience etc. I guess I hope Rigondeaux humbles Loma… This could be one of those “trilogy” series of fights though, I don’t see how this won’t be an incredible fight. Both guys have incredible boxing IQ, incredible speed, incredible conditioning, incredible defense. It’s going to be insane watching two guys at that level square off.



Can’t wait for this either mate.

I thought the same about Lomachenko in his last bout, not a massive fan of it although you have to respect him for his dedication and skill. Really not sure to pick, I think it’ll be close.

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I have to admit, I don’t follow boxing as closely as I used to so I really hadn’t seen Lomachenko fight until his last couple of fights. I kept hearing how great he was so I made a point to check him out. I still haven’t seen a Rigondeaux fight although I have been hearing his name for a while too. Tough to make an educated call on this one until I’ve checked out some more footage of both guys.

I get what you’re saying about being disrespectful in the ring, but he doesn’t really strike me as a truly disrespectful guy. I suspect he is just trying to generate some hype and fan interest by clowning in the ring a bit. Not saying I approve, but talking shit and clowning seems to be what sells tickets these days.

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My feeling on Lomachenko, and I say this as someone who hates all that showboating and disrespect, is that he is doing it because he is operating on such a different level from the guys in front of him that he has to find a way to engage the crowd.

Guys also tend to go ultra defensive once they realise how good he is too, and even as a good fighter it is hard to beat someone who doesn’t want to engage. So I’d guess part of the showboating is frustration, and an attempt to make these guys throw more than they’d otherwise be prepared to do.

This is going to be a tremendous fight. Probably the two most skillful fighters of the current generation - wonderfully gifted fighters - it should be a real treat. Personally my money is on Lomachenko. He’s up there with the very best I’ve ever seen.

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Regarding Loma’s skill & dedication, yeah definitely. He is one of the most skilled & slick fighters i’ve seen. He’s bringing some “new skills” to the game, and he’s got serious balls on him. Taking on top fighters so early in his boxing career, it’s a great respect to the history of boxing, before people cared about their “0”, going undefeated, etc. He’s a throw back to, “who cares, let’s fight”. His confidence is incredible.

Also ya it was his last bout against Marriaga that really bothered me. Putting his hands down, walking to the counter, wiggling his hips all over the place, turning his back … It was really disrespectful IMHO. It crossed the line.

Thing is, doing that kind of stuff to someone you are handedly defeating, raises some red flags to me. Broner is a great example of it. Once he stepped up and fought someone on his level or better, he got clowned. There’s pretty much no one at feather/super feather on Loma’s level, except for Rigo. So fooling around in the ring like that instead of just getting the job done, could come back to haunt him against someone like Rigo.

As far as who I want to win, though I have been a huge fan of Loma (and still am basically but the excessive showboating really bothers me), i’d just like to see him get humbled by Rigo.


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Yeah for sure, frustration is definitely apart of it. Loma had plenty of opportunities to unload on Marriaga before that though, and he didn’t take advantage of it (IIRC). So to me, his frustration at that point in the fight, should be more with himself. Marriaga was fighting a decent fight considering his opponent was Loma; patient, more defensive, but throwing some big shots. Loma likes to throw lots of light fast shots from all angles, then open up at the right time. He was having trouble opening op on Marriaga. So to me, that showboating was also an attempt to get Marriaga to open up more, like you said, but had Loma been more effective with some of his previous work, it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point.

I think that’s where Rigo has the edge to me… If Loma is frustrated with Marriaga, he’s going to be frustrated x 100 against Rigo, who is also capable of making him pay. Loma could be possibly be wasting some valuable experience by not “more professionally” handling that frustration, is my main concern right now with him.


Btw, this is going down tonight… :slight_smile: A solid stare down incase anyone wants to get extra excited for this fight.

I’m still going with Rigo, SD 12. Gut tells me it’ll be very hard for him to win a decision but, I think he might be able to “freeze” Loma, which no one has done yet. So, kind of the Mayweather effect, just laser sharp counters & incredible defense/movement, putting Loma into territory he’s not used to lately - second guessing himself. That’s Rigo’s edge to me, the ability to put Loma into a slower fight.

Can’t wait… serious fight. Could be fairly “boring” to non-boxing fans, due to the defensive style of Rigo, but if it ends up boring/slow, that means Rigo has taken control of Loma.

Anyone else amp’d for this fight?


This was horribly one-sided.


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Rigo quit. Unreal.

Supposed hand injury, doubt it. He was getting owned at the end.

I love how Loma hits Rigo after the bell, nothing. Very next round, Rigo holds, point deduction. Somewhat of a weird fight. Loma spazzing out during those clinches was odd, definitely rattled Rigo though. He hit Rigo with some great shots the first time he spazzed out in the clinch.

Loma used hammer fists & other rabbit punches, late hits on break, hit after the bell etc. Then he cries when he barely gets hit low. I dno, he just bugs me lately.

“no mas chenko”.

I feel like the people who hate Mayweather Jr. I want someone to KTFO Loma, but that will obviously be extremely difficult. :smiley: It’ll become more of a possibility as he moves up in weight.