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Lolkema's LOG (Lots Of Gainzzz)


I’ve been reading T-Nation since about 6 months after I started training back in 2007.

I feel pretty lucky in that respect because this place, especially the forums are excellent for learning.

I had a year out of training at one point because of an injury (slap tear) and then real life got in the way which just stopped me getting back into it as soon as I could of. That was 2010 and I’ve been lifting again since March 2011.

I missed June-Sep this year because I moved and had no money! Didn’t stop me doing chins, push ups etc though :slight_smile: I’m kind of glad I had that experience because it gave me a chance to do something different and master my own bodyweight which was always a goal from the start!

My goals have definitely changed over the years… I started off as a 5’4 overweight kid. 210lbs at 5’4 and I looked like a bowling ball!

It took me around 6months to cut down to 122lbs and start building from a ‘fresh start’. I wouldn’t of dropped so much weight had I have known what I do now! That was pre T-Nation days for me.

I spent a good year getting to about 150lbs lean.

Being on this site and reading and watching some of the other guys grow and talk I realised 150lbs wasn’t going to cut it and I bulked up to 200lbs at 5’6.

I had a real late growth spurt and shot up the majority of my height between 18 and 21. I’m currently 5’8 and weigh 170.

I’ve actually got stronger as I’ve leaned down so I’m pretty happy about that though I’m still weaker than I’d like.

My philosophy is mostly based around proportions and general aesthetics. I like the thick/swole look but everything has to be right. Great lats, traps, round delts, thick upper chest and massive (but proportionate) long head of the triceps.

Everything matters don’t get me wrong but those are the bodyparts I care about most.

I’ll be logging in my workouts, lift stats and shit so stay tuned and I’ll probably get some pics out early-mid January. I’m not looking my greatest right now and with Christmas coming up I can’t see that changing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading. Subs appreciated.

Sounds good, I’ll be interested to follow this. All the best with your training!