I love Transformers, and sport compact cars. But not ricers!

BTW, I just bought a Honda S2000! It makes my ITR seem slow!

I have no idea what the model is. For the pic, I am not sure it is a true Ricer. Looks like American. The width and curves reminded me of a Mustang. I could be wrong.

sport compact = ricer (no matter the origin of the car) IMO

I grew up on transformers and if I remeber correctly bumblebee got slapped around like every other episode by somebody.

Looks like the previous model Eclipse…but I know nothing about cars, much less racing

Its a skyline GTR.

Love the body work…

My brother and I grew up on transformers… we still watch the movie at least once a year.
“Autobots let’s transform and ROLL OUT!”

“All we need is a little energon… and a lot of luck.”

all ‘sport’ sport compacts are ricers.

Here’s a list of cars that are worthy of being labeled ‘sport’ cars:

Aston Martin
Mustang Cobra

For shit’s sake, cars like Eclipses, Skylines, Preludes, Talons, and Civics ARE NOT sport cars, no matter how many X’s or 0’s you stick behind the name.

Bullshit that a Skyline is not a sports cars. Do you have any idea at all? Do your research sonny!

The GTR is KING!

Not true. Many sport compact cars are “sporty” or would classify as sports cars. They become ricers when people take big wings, big wheels, big bodykits, big exhausts and stickers and turn them into ricers.

A car that is a sport compact from the factory is not a ricer.

But hey, I don’t drive a sport compact anymore. I have a two seat, convertible sports car! Now try and catch me!