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LOL! Race to 165



My colleague at work made a bet with his friend on who can make it to 165 the fastest.....LOLOLOL. He is 5' 7" and weighs 145 currently. He claims to do 20 rep squats (unlikely) so I told him to do squats and milk. Am I an ass for laughing at him?

still laughing.




He might very well do 20 rep squats, but @ what poundage & will it be enough for him to gain. Also why laugh? If he is serious @ ligetimately trying, an as for getting to 165, we all have to start soemwhere.

Also has it not been said to set smaller goals & attain them before saying he wants to be a 250lbs mass monster, which we know would probly be not likely? just my .02cents.


he's on, 5'6" 142lbs.


not sure why its funny, like someone said before, we all have to start somewhere...we dont come out of the womb a 6'1 240lb monster, or a 5'6 200lb monster...instead of laughing i think some tips and encouragment would have been the better thing to do, but thats just me....

my brother was the same way, except he was aboout 5'10 only 145, and he wanted to break 160 so bad..i didnt laugh at him...insteand i went to the gym with him, kicked his ass, got him on some serious protein intake with some creatine, and after about 5 months or so of hard work and dedication he was at 165lbs and benching, squatting, and deadlifting more than he ever though he could....

so yea, i think laughing at him was a pretty asshole thing to do, but thats just me


I weighed my lowest of 146lbs about two years ago....... I now weigh 195 at a little under 5'7

If he thinks he will be some huge beast at 165 that is diffrent, but you got to start somewhere


Right, I tried. Remember that Shugart article about proximity something where people close to you won't listen to you but they will listen to strangers...

Again proximity non-listening rule and his habits don't match his goals. He drinks excessively (like a college student, ok he's a year out). Although he deadlifts- he hasn't made progress. And he gave me permission to laugh. I told him what he needs to do to achieve the weight gain...proximity rule...

The problem (with my perception) made it seem that he didn't appear very serious about it in the first place.


Good post.


And don't ever put LOL in the subject line you sound like a 12 year old girl on AIM.