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Lol Fox News You So Funny


I love Rachel Maddow.


Pretty scary stuff...

We ALL should be worried.



The info came from an article from India on Nov. 2nd. MSNBC should do a little research before they report on something.


I'm missing something, T.

You're actually bolstering Maddow's point.

Bachman, Beck, Limbaugh and others took a ridiculous "report" (200 plus million/day; 1/4 of the U.S. Navy for Obama's trip) and ran with it...and as far as I know, have not retracted their statements.



I've seen multiple reports in the last few days saying that the original report was over exaggerated.


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And she's mad that her party lost. No death panels = no free food for her kind.

I can't blame her though. I'd be mad if the republicans just emptied my fridge too.

I just put it on the internet. Now it is true.


She reminds me Glen Beck, only more masculine.


Ya i know it came from a report in India idiot, still doesnt change the fact alot of Republican pundits ran that story and acted like it was fact.


Well idiot, you did not say that in your post, nor did the 14 min ear rape I got from Maddow. Are you suggesting that reports from the press in India are wrong? I love how Maddow plays clips of people saying stuff that she disagrees with, she then makes fun of them and says they are wring, but does not prove thme to be wrong with facts. She is doing the same thing she accuses them of doing. The govt wont disclose the actuall price, so there is no way to be certain what the price is. They say that it is no where near what is reported, but they could be lying who knows?


They are going on what was reported in India from the press trust. I agree they should have done research, and Besk does, so we will have to wait and see. Beck said he was more concerned with the safety of Obama, because of terrorists.


Thanks for the fantastic time-saver - now I know never to take anything you say seriously.


Keith Olbermann couldn't run with the story because he was suspended for writing checks to liberals. Ha ha, I know, I know it doesn't apply to this thread but I just had to mention it. I can see him home talking to himself in the mirror: "The audacity of the network to suspend me over such a trivial viiiiolaaaation." Ha ha..


A fake report from India and a stupid comment from a partisan Bachmann and she comes up with this?

I saw many reports from "conservative media" refuting outrageous claims made regarding the expense of the trip.

Her outrage is so phony it is sickening. No wonder only the nut jobs watch that show.


I heard some Beck on Friday and taken in context of his whole conversation he did not say anything wrong. He said he heard the cost and found it hard to believe it was so high, wondered what they were doing with all the warships, said the president should be kept safe at any cost but stressed that IF it did cost that much the trip should be canceled.

He did not lie or give any false info. If anyone claims he did they are twisting his words, which is pretty normal in politics.


It seems we have found one of the two Maddow watchers.


Maddow is the most watched show on MSNBC.

Which is fucking sad to say the least.


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It's been pretty munch debunked as a retarded story from India. Idiot fox.


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