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LOL Border Fence LOL




Yeah... he's done nothing:

I'm rolling my eyes, in case you can't tell.


the Border Patrol is still on a hiring blitz to counter exactly this, so they can have more units covering the border fence. Obviously it is not perfect as is obvious from the video, but it is much much much better than it used to be.


That thing should be electrified.


You need to put the Berlin fucking Wall down there, that's why people hated it, because it worked.


strontium 90. and we'd be all set.


looks like it just needs a little grease


You cannot stop them....you will never, ever stop illegals.

You need to JACK up the fines for housing and employing them in the U.S.

Why come here illegally if there is no place to live and no jobs for illegals.


one word COST ,a physical fence is too easy to get over under or through , you forget we are dealing with people as smart as you and I . IMO a virtual fence would be just as effective , as long as it works . We should go after the company that took tax payer dollars and gave us a fence that does not work


You put the military down there and you will see a huge decrease. Illegal aliens and cartels are much more concerned with soldiers than border patrol. Then, along with what UL mentioned, you have serious internal enforcement. E-Verify, no housing, no schooling, no jobs, no citizenship (which they are now trying to change), you give them literally no reason to come here. That is how you do it.


So... The US Government? I agree we should go after them. Oh wait, the tea party already is, I'll just join them.



That is one solution but I don't like where it leads.

The fence is a joke.

Have you seen the corrugated metal fence that is laid horizontally so it is like a ladder?

The best way is to end the welfare state. Then anyone that wants to come across and work is welcome but no freebies.


That's cute... the Tea Party... the same ones who managed to get a bunch of Republicans elected... the jackasses that bought this thing.


Fuck fines....Revoke business licenses, jail multiple offenders (the hirers not the hirees). No jobs, no Mexicans. Legalize drugs and you could open the border wide open and nothing will happen. If you take away all the reasons they jump the fence, they won't...



We could just open the damn border and let an army of the hardest-working, most thrifty, best money saving, family oriented motherfuckers I've ever had the privilege of knowing come over and help us resurrect this shit economy.


what you mentioned would drown us further, think in reality not in happy save the oppressed world.

had to edit, unless of course we get rid of all entitlement programs, and ensure they become citizens and are educated on our history and constitution.


Hallelujah, preach it Brother Pat :slight_smile:


Free market.

Reasonably fast path to legal working papers, and screening for dirty bombs. I'd be satisfied.


The same way these mighty wisemen did with their own country? You really expect illegal aliens to be the answer to this shit economy? People who make less than minimum wage, drown our schools, prisons, and emergency rooms, and send money back to their respective countries, are the answer?

Fucking Christ man.