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LOL at This Routine


this is not my routine, help me give this poor kid some advice, he does a 3x a week full body routine with each day looking similar to this:

he also says he carbloads 400-500 grams of carbs about 4 hours preworkout.

Here's what I did on Friday. I'll phase out some lifts and add others in. I do a one rep max followed by 80% of that weight in the next set for most lifts: ... Military Press: 170 X 1, 135 X 9
Bench Press: 235 X 2, 185 X 8
Pec Flies: 295 X 7
Reverse Lateral Raises: 170 X 1, 145 X 10
Chin Ups: bodyweight X 1
Cable Pull Downs Wide Grip: 150 X 1, 120 X 8 (will go down to 140 next week, not feeling it enough in the upper back)
Arm Curls: 115 X 1 (cheated a little bit, failed on the noncheating lift), 85 X 5 (no cheating, didn't cheat on wednesdays 110 either) I haven't cheated on this lift in 6 years
Standing Barbell Tricep Extensions: 70 X 12 will switch to rolling dumbell tricep extensions
Cable Rows: 80 X 8
Reverse Dumbell Flies: 35 X 8 (each arm), will go lighter next time, not getting enough burn in the upper back
Shoulder Shrugs: 100 X 12
Front Lateral Raises: 60 X 1, 40 X 8
Side Lateral Raises: 20 X 10
Side Lateral Raises variation: 20 X 12
Upright Rows: 100 X 1, 80 X 5
Sitting Wrist Curls: 37.5 x 10 each arm, right wrist is hurt so not lifting as much
Sitting Reverse Wrist Curls: 20 X 10 each arm
Behind the Back Cable Wrist Curls: 150 X 20
Squat: 225 X 7 (gradually working my way up to this one, not going to failure)
Leg Extensions: 250 X 1, 190 X 8
Leg Curls: 110 X 8 (did it with a machine at a more difficult angle)
Hip Abductions Outward: 160 X 15 (going up to 175 on both next week)
Hip Abductions Inward: 160 X 12
Glutes Machine: 140 X 12 each leg
Calf Raises: 140 X 12
Weight Crunches: 45 X 10
Oblique crunch twists: 10
Cable Side Twists: 120 X 3 both sides
Weighted Lower Back Machine: 195 X 12
Hip thrusts: 135 X 10 (didn't go to failure, getting a feel for the exercise)
Back Extensions Bodyweight: didn't do
Roman chair side obliques: held 25 pound dumbell 12 each side
Leg Raises with legs reaching to behind the Head: 5See More
10 hours ago


That's my exact workout from last Spring! WTF??! -lol



wow. if true must spend a good 4-5hrs in the gym.


That's a great routine, don't be jelly you didn't think of it.


this renders the Full Body vs. Split arguments worthless.


he does 1 chinup? Why bother?


he said it takes him about 90 minutes


you're fucking with me right?


Assuming that's seriously the guy's "routine" (i.e. he went in with a plan to do that), I offer speculation about the theory underlying this routine: balls out one set to elicit a growth response (...with the one rep) then exhaust the muscle with....one more set that's higher in reps?


did he say 6 years????? this is a routine of someone working out for 6 years???? but hey at least he squats and if he cuts about 30 exercises he has a good program going on there.


I heard it only works with pop-tart nutrition for recovery.


i mean seriously i want to give this guy good advice but the only thing that comes to mind is he needs to fuck everything he knows about lifting and start from scratch with a begginner routine, i mean really what do you say to someone like this whos been working out for 6 years


Send him yours?


Military Press: 170 X 1
Pec Flies: 295 X 7
Reverse Lateral Raises: 170 X 1

How the fuck is this even possible?


Exactly, but the real trick is to blend up several poptarts with some Mag-10 and sip it throughout the session. Truly peri-WO nutrition at it's tastiest :smiley:



suprised no one picked up on that he carb loads approximately 500 grams of carbs 4 hours pre workout

500g of carbs = 2000 calories..........of just carbs


the place where im going (a facebook page about lifting) is full of people that dont believe in increasing frequency and i dont want to reccomend my new routine to anyone yet because its only been like a week in and id hate for people to get shyt results from it and be mad at me haha

although with my new routine my waist size stayed the same my chest/back circumfrence increased about a quarter inch and my arms increased an eighth of an inch each (maybe its waterweight or something? since its been only a week?)


No, I'm pretty sure that was the same routine that Ronnie used from 98 to 05.


I was wondering the same thing, I mean 295 lbs on a fucking pec fly? And he can only do 1 chin up?


please tell me you forgot to write LOL at the end of that?

lol i wont believe it hahaha. dude if ronnie coleman used this routine for 7 years with amazing results why is this the first time ive ever seen any bodybuilding routine like this?