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Lokelani McMichael


If you’re looking for a girl with cottage cheese legs, shes not the one for you. Wow.

Wow, what a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing chrismcl.

She was on the cover of Runner’s World Oct 2004. The cover listed her as an 8 time Ironman finisher, and she’s only 27. So not only would I hit it, I’m inspired by her dedication and work ethic.

I love this pic too… look at that waist!

Hawaiian and Half-Asian chicks rock.

(but half Chinese/half Indian are the best :wink:


Supposedly OLN (Outdoor Life Network) has a new series called Top Ten Adventure Godesses. Obviously, shes one of em and they had a full page ad for it in Outdoor Magazine (…or is it Outside). Either way, the only way to describe the picture is “curves” and not the types of curves on fat chicks who need flour to find a wet spot. I’ve had the magazine opened up to that page on my desk for the past few days now.