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Lois Lerner Emails Found



Apparently this was one of them

and a criminal investigation is underway.
I doubt anyone will go to jail, politicians seem to be exempt from the laws that us common folk must abide by.


Can we at least prosecute these sleaze bag criminals?

Is it possible that some of the people directly persecuted could sue Lerner and the others as individuals?


That would be refreshing, but government and accountability in the same sentence makes quite the oxymoron.


This is awesome news though. I hope they expose the corruption and that it came from the top. Obviously, even if immense corruption is found in the obama administration, it will be page 52 news, if printed at all. But expose away.


I hope so.


Seriously, its sad. Nixon's impeachment and resignation were over less.


If he were a democrat he would have survived. Still, wasn't sad to see Nixon go. I hated that mother fucker. He was a republican obama.


She should be looking at indictments and handcuffs. Conspiracy to defraud would be easy to pin on her. Give her a couple years in prison and you will send a message to those who think this shit up.

If they are willing to lock up Martha Stewart's country cookin', they can go after her too.


Now she scrambles to protect the higher ups and Obama and he makes sure she gets off with a slap on the wrist at most. Obama land. Welcome to it.


It's an exciting development, but I am disappointed by the lack of outrage so far. A serious crime has been committed against the American people but the committee people are being a little too low key about reacting to it.

I don't know about the rest of you but what I specifically I want to see is Koskinen brought back before the committee for a session with Trey Gowdy. In that session I would like Gowdy to question Koskinen in regards to the various statutes and laws that Koskinen has violated and at the end of it Koskinen needs to be taken out of there in handcuffs.

Besides the White House, I think particular attention should be paid Lerner's emails to various members of the congress such as Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al.

One last point is I think they really need to start moving on this now because there is less than two years left. If Obama or anyone in his White House has broken the law they need to be made to pay for it as a warning for anyone else who would try to do what he has done. If they are allowed to run out the clock on Obama's last term it will be a terrible disservice to future generations.


I think a huge part of the problem is the penalties are way too lenient. Using the machinery of the IRS to silence free speech in order to thwart the will of the people to elect the government they want should be considered a form of sedition. But the max for felony sedition is five years.

We would not have had the elected officials we got stuck with if Lerner hadn't abused her power and used it to influence the outcome of the election. In a way what Lerner has succeeded in doing is nothing less than an overthrow of the government. The Obama administration has essentially become a Junta.

If Lerner or anyone else was looking at doing twenty years to life, with no possibility of parole, they would be a lot less willing to take the fall for someone else.

Right now this is just a game. They need to let it be known that anyone and everyone who played a part in the criminal wrongdoing is going to do hard time and they are going to do the maximum amount of time they can throw at them.


Obama will probably just throw a few Presidential pardon lifelines to his loyalists. That's why Petraeus is compromised for the next two years if not forever. He's doing Obama's bidding now because the investigation into him is still open at the Justice Department and it's up to Obama and Eric Malcolm X Holder whether they charge him with anything. They really are just a bunch of thugs. They're despots. And the worst sort of despots because they have a radical leftist and racialist ideological agenda that they're determined to impose on the rest of the country because you see the country isn't good enough for Eric and Barack. They suffered too much discrimination and there's too many white racists in the country and too many Christians. They're fundamentally transforming the country. Demographically, ideologically, culturally. Make it more like Obama thinks it should be, you know growing up in a foreign country with foreign parent speaking foreign languages, foreign ideas - all that. That's how America should be thinks Obama. Kind of like Dubai and Hong Kong with maybe some light, state Islamism like in Indonesia or something. Everyone in linen robes and sandals. Women veiled. And a European socialist government. I think this is really what Obama envisages in his sick little mind. Maybe a legion of black LEOs and prosecutors to bring all the white racists to justice. A great purge. These are sick men. And they're telling you all this when asked what book young people should read the AG said "Malcolm X's autobiography". What? Say again? The black Marxist racialist with the shotgun? That Malcolm X? I don't know what it is with people and why they can't see what extremists they're got on their hands in this administration. And of course over the last six years they've seeded thousands upon thousands of like minded radicals throughout the bureaucracies and judiciary. And over the next few years there's going to be terrible trouble when these fanatics finally bring complete ruination on everyone.