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Lohan's Chest in Mean Girls


Happened to see the movie, not bad actually, but take a look at Lohan’s bust size throughout the movie. they grow progressively with the plot. pretty good directing if you ask me :slight_smile:

What a rack!


They grow? Naaaaaaa. The wonders of selective clothing. Baggy at start, skanky at the end.

Pretty good overall look. Made me completely forget all the other teen queen / borderline / just-legal wannabees.

Nice Role Model. Talk about pumping up the figure$ ;0)

Hilary Duff for life BITCHES!!!

I think the reason so many people clicked on this post was because they were expecting to see a pic of the boobies. I know I was disappointed when I didn’t see them. Dude, post a pic so we don’t have to drop $20 to see the movie! :]

haha, too true.

hmmm, i guess i owe everyone a before and after picturenow… let me see if i can find some.