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Logging In - Training & Food

I have done my food logs and have done my training logs during my learning stages. I think i know what i am doing now and am able to take mental notes abot my nutrition.

my question… how many of you more experienced boys out there still actually “log in” through out the day?

It took a year or two, but I now drag a book around the gym to track workouts. I’ll look back, make decisions based on previous days, and so forth.

As for food, I can’t be bothered to log it these days, but I did for a while. I think it’s a tool for when you want to be sure, to get strict, to accomplish a particular goal and you aren’t sure why you aren’t making the progress you expect.

I keep a training log, usually just fill it in when taking a crap. I find it useful to track PR’s and notice trends.

Training log HELL YES!!! I think everyone should.

Food log did for years now at the moment dont I have memorized literally how much damn near most foods and what they contain real foods that is and well I know good choices and bad etc. I can estimate what I need.

If going on a serious cut sure I may start one again. I being a big eater have NO problem bulking so I dont have to keep one. Those whom have probs getting enough food in it may be a good idea keeps them aware honest they know they are or are not getting enough to support growth etc etc.

Training yes, food no but glad I know how have the experience learned a lot and can now easily turn back to it when and if needed.

I keep a training log and reference it before each workout. I basically have the next 2-3 months planned (exercises, sets & rep range). And I use the last workout to either up my weights or up my reps. If I don’t get more weight or reps (or at the very least the same) then I look at what was the cause…lack of sleep, nutrition, injury, overtraining, etc. By having a plan ahead of time I find I push myself harder each time.

I don’t do a food log, because my diet doesn’t change much during the week, but will use one when I cut.

Food log no, training log just started. Im doing TBT (first real training program I’ve ever followed), and I printed out the spreadsheet to keep track of it. I feel so much better about my routine now that I’m actually keeping track of progress etc. I seriously cant beleive how much of an ass I am for not getting with this sooner. I will log all my workouts with this and any other routine I do going fwd.


training log is a great assesstment tool for sure