Logging in Drunk.

See, I’m the type of guy who usually has a girlfriend for a long period of time and thus I am guaranteed a piece, damn-near any and every night. Well, the last couple of (lonely) nights I have just logged on here and read all the articles and what not and internet porn and yeah, I’ll be honest right now cuz I am drunk. I was just wondering if I was the only guy in here to do that. I guess I’m just attempting to regain my testosterone or something that I think I have lost because I’ll unfortunately be having a threesome with Rosie Palmer and Palmela Handerson tonight… At least they don’t talk back and I can last as short as I want to! Sucks when you run out of cialis…
Anyway… I wanna hear what ya’ll gotta say about this…

I’m up… Still hung-over from last night…

Since you have alternatives, obviously have no problem getting real sex, and are not a regular to porn, there should not be a problem with what you do right now … if it does not turn into a habit.

As for the testosterone levels, I understand the feeling. I dont know if science backs that keeping levels up thing, but what I am pretty sure is that what youre doing is keeping your visual/imagination centers well fed.

And, as we all know, constantly thinking about something keeps desire alive.

So, in a way, you are definitely keeping something up (excuse the pun). Not sure if it`s T, though.

I like to log on and read T-Nation articles while drunk… that’s what you meant, right?