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Logging First Cycle in Years

Ok, as I explained in another thread. I have been around T-Nation for many years and actively involved in the forums as well. I have started a separate account in order to openly discuss things of this nature since I have be be very careful discussing gear use because of my personal life.

With that being said I have decided to log my first cycle in about 10 years for, not only my own record but, maybe answering any questions that first timers may have. I have been noticing a lot of Anavar questions as well as peptide questions lately. I figured the cycle I am running may be a good one to log since it will include these compounds and also be a somewhat mild run.

Here it is, I am in my mid 30’s 175-180 lbs, <10% BF and have been training for 15+ years. I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced with training and nutrition and have tried just about every training and nutrition strategy under the sun. I have found what works for me in those departments and feel that I have taken my physique as far as I can at this point naturally. I decided to run a mild cycle to see what changes I could make in a short period. Past cycles a decade ago consisted of Test/Deca, Tren/D-Bol and Winstrol/EQ.

I never knew what I was doing back then and thankfully didn’t mess myself up considering I was listening to a bunch of Bro science around the gym. PCT was non existent and my training and diet were not on point at all. But 10 years later I have corrected that and educated myself and hopefully will make this not only an educational experience for myself but maybe others as well. I’m sure I will have questions along the way as well which is why I decided to log it. There may be no interest at all and there may be some. It’s not an exciting or sexy cycle, but it’s what I’m doing.

Heres what I will be doing. It is very mild by most standards but after considering trying AAS again for a while and researching different substances I have decided on this. I’m not a beginner or a stupid kid just trying to get huge. I have been huge, I have ben ripped, I have taken my body through a lot of changes throughout the years. I consider this a nice and easy “smart” cycle for my goals and wants.

40mg Anavar Daily for 7 weeks
250 Test E a week for 7 weeks
100mcg GHRP 6 + 100mcg CJC 1295 (DAC) 3x daily.
250iu HCG 2x a week. ( 2 days prior to Test administration as well as the day after). HCG will be discontinued 1 week after last Test injection.
Liquid Arimidex on hand to be used at .5 mg EOD at week 4 and through PCT
Clomid on hand for PCT as well.

Supplemental support will consist of: LIv-52, Lipid Stabil, BP Stabil, Fish oil, Garlic caps, R-ALA, as well as a Superfoods greens mix and added Vit C and probiotics.

Like I said it’s nothing sexy. But I am willing to listen to any critiques or suggestions from those that are experienced. The reason that the cycle will only run 7 weeks is due to the fact that I will be leaving town for job related training and will be unable to continue past this. I was only planning on 6-7 weeks of the Anavar anyway and the test was only added for the androgens, so by ending at the 7 week mark I will be able to finish my PCT before having to leave town. I know some will say to extend things a bit, but I’m a believer ion keeping orals to 6-8 weeks tops, so this will work out perfectly for me.

I typed up my initial post yesterday, but I am updating today since it makes a week that I have been on. I’m definitely noticing a pumped feeling all day. I wake up in the morning and my hands are numb and tingling, which is a good sign that my GHRP 6 is good stuff.

My workouts have been fantastic, partially due to a placebo effect I’m sure; however, I have read a lot of people saying that they feel the Var in 2-3 days. People are already telling me that my traps and arms are looking bigger and that I look like I’m adding size. THere is no doubt about it though that I am walking around all day with a pump like I’ve just trained.

I trained yesterday and the lower back pumps was almost unbearable at first but went away after my first few sets. I even got a pretty severe lower back pump walking on a treadmill at a high incline. I have been sleeping like crap as well. I feel like I am sleeping very heavy , but waking up throughout the night and just don’t feel rested in the morning. I almost feel hung over every morning.

Other than that nothing substantial has happened the first week. I’m waiting till next week to weigh again, but I’m not to concerned with the weight. I’m just watching the mirror and my strength. So far so good in those regards.

Ok, so I’m updating ( in case anyone is interested) a little sooner then I planned. So far my strength is steadily going up and I’m definitely adding a bit of weight, I was up to 187 this morning from around 180 at the beginning. I’m also noticeably leaner in my lower abs , which was the main area I was still holding BF.

Here is my problem and concern though. I’m in my 10th day of this cycle and I am noticing some things that I dont like. My sex drive is way down, I’m feeling a little lethargic and my nips are getting pretty sensitive already. My sleep is also a bit screwed up. I’ve been on the GHRP 6/CJC 1295 for about two weeks prior to starting the AAS and I was reading earlier about some having prolactin sides with GHRP, others say thats impossible though.

Just a little worried that I would be having these reactions so early on. Especially the sensitive nipples thing. The other issues could just be lack of sleep/stress…things of that nature. But the sensitive nipples are definitely something new.

I have Adex on hand , but was waiting to start it around week 4 when the test would be kicking in sufficiently. Plus I have to take a full physical with blood work for my employer and really don’t want to add to much in the mix. Does anyone think that the Adex would cause any added issues during my physical?

Also, I’m using 250iu of HCG every 3rd day like I mentioned earlier. Shouldn’t that keep my sex drive and energy up, or is it possible that the HCG is causing some of these estrogenic effects?