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my goal is to get very as strong as possible by the fall so i can play football again when i start going back to school

current stats
age 17
weight 175lbs
height 5’8

don’t know any maxes

so i’m starting a 5x5 program with some moidfications to fit my needs

Today i did

Back squats: 135x5 185x5 205x5 225x3 245x3 185x8

Hang clean and Press: 95x5 135x5 145x5

Shrugs: 135x6 185x6 225x6 2x5-245

Close grip chins: btw+45lbs 1x20 1x12 1x10 1x14

Some weighted sit-ups

i was doing a body part split rouitne for the past few weeks but looking back at my training i respond better to full-body


Back squat: 135x5 185x5 225x5 235x5 245x5 185x8

Bench Press: 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x3 2x3-225

Deadlift: 135x5 185x5 225x3 275x3 315x3

Bent-over row: 135x5 155x5 3x5-175

Weighted sit-up: 3x10-45lbs

Workout went well last sets were heavy put i could lift more going to slowly progress for the next untill i reach 500-400-300
right now my Personal Records that i am going to be trying to beat are

Bench press: 255x2 done last month
Squat: 335x1: done last April
Deadlift: 425x1: done in July

My squat has really been going no were the past year so i’m goning to try and make that by focusing more on the squat.
Right now i could probaly pull around 405-415 in July i was heavier i lost about 10lbs coming back from a nasty flu.
My bench press always seems to stay strong even if i dont put any focus into it i had a max bench of 275 2 years ago before i had two shoulder surgerys since then i spent more time on Shoulder press
I spent my time training up to know since my surgeryes not benching but i picked it up in the past month and it everything feels good so i’m gonna stick to once a week for bench also

my split looks like this
Day A
Squat: 5x5
Bench: 3x5, 3x3 or 5x5
Dead: 2x5, 3x3 or 5x5
Row: 5-6x5-6

Day B
Power cleans: 2x5 then 4-5x3
DB snatch: 5x3
Military press: 5x5
Pull-ups: 6x4 weighted

Day C
Front squats: warm up, 3x3
RDLS: 4x8
Dips: 1x8 1x5 1x3 all weighted
Pull-overs: 4-5x4-12reps

Day D
Squats: 2x5 3x5
Hang clean and press: 3x5
Shrugs 5x5-6
Chigns: 4xmax reps

Roatate 4 days into a 3 day a week program so week 1: ABC week 2 DAB week 3 CDA ect. ect.

i’ll also be doing hill sprints 2-3 times week time intervals of 10-15 mintues

i will eat as much as a can and sleep as much as i can.

I think if i follow these guidelines i writen for myself by Septemeber i will have my 500/400/300 and be playing football again


Power cleans: 95x5 115x5 135x3 155x3 165x3 175x3 185x3

Barbell Lunge: 3x8-135lbs

Overhead press: 95x5 115x5 5x3-135

Pull-ups: 45x4 55x4 65x4 3x4-70lbs

The most i ever power cleaned was 205lbs i think i’ll be able to beat that in a couple of weeks.
Decided to take out DB snatch and relpace them with Lunges for some 1 leg work, they felt pretty good my right leg seems to be a little stronger than my left though.
Overhead press was easy im gonna add weight next time probaly 10 pounds
Pull-ups went smoooth last rep on last set was a grinder.
I finished up with 5x25 on the calf raises

Last night i ran hill sprints for 10 minutes and jumped rope for 5 minutes


Front squats: 135x5 185x3 205x3 215x3

Dips: btw-12 50x8 3x5-70lbs 50lbsx10

RDL’s: 135x10 185x8 185x10 205x8

Pull-overs: 55x6 70x6 75x6 2x6-80lbs

Fronts squats feel more nautral for me than back squats even though i do back squats a lot more, i feel like i can get all the focus on my legs and my lower back dosn’t work into as much as the back squat

Dips were good my gym dosen’t have a dip station so i set up to bars parellel in the squat rack worked just as good.

I was planing on stay with 185 for the RDL’s but when i got that set of 10 i decided to jump 20lbs

can really feel the pullovers in my chest shoulders and back also my triceps i think there going to help alot with upper body strength for me

Finished with 3x12-50lbs for weighted sit-ups


Back squat:135x5 185x5 225x5 245x3 255x3 195x8

Hang clean&press: 135x5 145x3 155x3 165x3

Shrugs: 185x6 5x5-225

Chin ups: 4x15-btw+45lbs

Back squats were hard i think it was beacause i didn’t eat anything in the morning before i lifted. I got out of the groove with 225 and it was really hard but then 245 was simple and 255 was alright could do more.

Hang cleans went good 145 felt a little uneasy but then i was able to focus in on my form and hit 155 and 165 for reps of 3
shrugs were easy starting to feel more natural
chinups was my faviort part of the workout i took a medium grip and was able to get 4x15 with 45lbs the last 2 reps on the last set were cheating a little.


Back squat: 135x5 185x5 225x5 245x5 255x5 195x8

Bench press: 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x5 225x5

Deadlift: 135x5 225x5 275x3 315x3 335x3

Row: 135x5 155x5 175x5 2x5-185

My knee’s seem to bend in when i am coming up in my squats only when the weight is heavy though it only happened with 245 and 255

deadlift was easy

if you start stallin gon this, try rotating exercies like incline, decline, dumbbell bench, box squat, rack pulls snatch pulls, deficit pulls etcs… looking pretty good what year are you and where do u play?

started playing football when i was young played all the way up to my junior year in highschool but then in a JV game I tore my left labrum in my shoulder had surgery missed the rest of that season. Then first hitting day back into it my senior year tore my right labrum had surgery missed my senior year.

I gruaduated this year and now im taking a year off to work my ass of make as much money as a can and start school next fall


Power clean: 135x5 155x5 165x3 175x3 185x3 195x3

Lunge: 3x8-145

OH press: 135x5 5x3-145

weighted Pull-up: 45x5 55x5 65x5 70x4 2x4-75lbs

Last rep of cleans i had to do a front squat to stand up
I’m starting to like lunges can feel them in my quads good
OH press was good for sets 1-3 on 5x3 i did 4 reps because it felt easy
pullups are feeling strong too


Front squat: 135x5 185x5 205x3 225x3 235x3(PR)

Dips: 2x12-btw 1x10-50lbs 3x5-75lbs

RDL’s 135x10 3x8-205lbs

Pull-overs: 70x10 75x8 80x6 80x8

Got a PR in front squat that last rep was extremly hard

Dips arn’t feeling right i need a better dip station i think i might do incline press instead

Rdl’s were good i normally do a normal deadlift then start the RDL’s but today i just walked the weight out of the rack and it was easier

Pull-overs were strong went all out on the last set


Back squat: 135x5 185x5 225x3 245x3 265x3 205x8

Hang clean and press: 135x3 155x3 175x3

T-bar row: 45x20 90x15 135x10 3x5-175

Chins: btw+50lbsx15x9x9x8

Squats were easy this week 265lbs went up with little effort

Last rep on hang cleans droped into a front squat

Decided to do T-bar rows enstead of shrugs more muscles used in the T-bar rows so i figured i sould do taht instead the weight is just the plates i dont’ know how much te bar weights. i but a regular bar into a corner.

Chin-ups were hard went to hard on first set


Back squat: 135x5 185x5 225x5 245x5 265x5

Bench press: 135x5 155x5 185x5 205x5 225x5 235x3

Deadlift: 135x5 225x5 275x5 315x3 365x3

Rows: 5x5-175lbs

Squats are feeling strong i think i’ll be up to 3 plates in a few weeks

Bench press isn’t to heavy yet i’m progressing slowly with benching becuase of my shoulders

I was going to do 355x3 with deadlifts but i decided to just do 365x3 this was very hard and i may have broken form on the last rep

I think once i hit 3 plates on the squat and 4 plates on the deadlift i am going to switch to a westside program


Back squat


DB split squat(weight per hand)

Back raises


Decided to go with a new aproach i did this type of program before i got hurt in football and it is how i got my strongest so i’m goning back to it

Back squats were strong 275lbs was the most weight i squatted in a long time i need to get a nice belt though.

GHR’s were done by holding my feet under the squat rack hard to explain but i like them alot

DB split squats are feeling good i think i need to do more single leg work because my knee’s tend to bend in when i squat heavy

i did 3 sets of T-bar rows and 3 sets of DB preacher curls at the end of the workout


Incline press: 135x5 155x5 2x5-175 3x5-185

Nutruel grip pull up: 40x10 50x10 65x10 80x7

DB shoulder press: 45x10 55x10 60x8 70x4

OH extention: 45x10 60x10 70x8 70x10 7x8


Deadlift: 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x1 385x1 405x1 405x1

GHR: 3x10-btw

Barbell lunge: 3x8-145lbs

back raises: 3x10-55lbs

sit-ups: 3x10-55lbs

Deadlifts were good i was gonna try to get 405 for a double but it wasn’t gonna happen my form was a little off and i struggled with the first rep so called it quits. The first set with 405 was smooth though.

Bodyweight accualy went down to 170lbs i started supplementing Creatine, ZMA, and Beta Alanine 2 days ago

Alright, I am sorry but every time I see the title of this thread I read “Log up my ass.”

I should visit it more to condition myself to the proper name.

Good progress, though.


Push press: 135x5 155x5 165x5 175x3 4x2-185

DB bench press: 40x12 65x10 75x10 80x8 2x6-85

Bent arm pull-over: 65x10 75x10 4x6-90lbs

DB row: 80x12 90x12 95x12 95x14

gonna start following this


there is just one question i have For ME squat/dead day it says

  1. squat
  2. dead(chose 4 roatate each week)

so does this mean i do a ME squat then a ME dead?

I dont see any direct tricep work on any of your bench days. Only dips done on your squat days. Some close grip or even some skull crushers will help you.

I feel my triceps are my strongest point becuase i never miss a lockout in a bench press or overhead press if i fail on a press its always at a low-to half way point.

But i will be doing extentions once a week and then i’m gonna do bent-arm pullovers another day just because i like that exercise.

One other question i have regarding this program in the link it says i should rotate 4 ME exercises each week, but with the ME cycle it gives you it says for example

Week 1: 5RM
week 2: 5RM add 10-20 pounds

the cycle runs for 8 weeks and if i’m adding weight based on last weeks lift it should be the same exercise right or wrong?